Tips to Know that the Girl You Like is Making a Fool Out of You

Tips to Know that the Girl You Like is Making a Fool Out of You

‘Love is blind’, none have escaped this stereotypical notion, often quoted by our experienced elders.  It is said that people in true love don’t understand the actual feelings of their partner regarding them because love makes them blind and takes over their mind.

Tips to Know that the Girl You Like is Making a Fool Out of You

But still, there are many signs to know that whether the girl for whom you are even ready to die in the very next moment, really loves you? Or is just using you? Yes, this happens and you can get to know this by just keeping these few points in your mind and observing her activities eventually.

Here we provide you with a list with 10 such points:

  1. Acts like a friend only:

Yes, she hugs you when she meets you but in the very next moment she tries to maintain some distance and act as if she did something wrong. This gesture of her leaves you with the doubt, thinking, that is she really your girlfriend or is just a friend? Because there are no formalities in love. There is a big difference between a lover and a friend because a lover is also a friend but a friend is only a friend and nothing more than that. So try to figure out any such awkwardness by her in your relationship. [Read: Ladies, Let’s Spend Some Time Alone?]

  1. Your introduction as a ‘Friend’:

Remember, if she really loves you then she’ll not be afraid to accept this fact publicly. But, if you are being introduced merely as her friend and not as her boyfriend by her own self, then it’s time for you to get alert for there is something wrong in your relationship.

  1. She Dominates:

True love does not have orders and demands it just have lots of love and requests. But many of the times while you feel that you are pampering her, instead, of the fact that it’s only her who is making her demands fulfilled by you and is ruling and dominating the relationship. So, next time you perform pampering over her, do consider that did she ever reverted you with the same ever? Because, to be true, there is no place for domination in true love. [Read: 10 Cute Things Women Do That Men Love ]

  1. Wants her lot of own space:

In true love there is both care and respect for each other’s decision. But if she calls or meets you according to her needs and mood then yes she is not at all in love with you. She might meet you for a week or couple of days regularly but suddenly, then she might not contact you for weeks or a month. Well, if that’s how it is then she is clearly not interested in you and your life. But only meets you when she gets bored with her other friends or wants some favor from you. This means that she has her own world and you are surely not a part of her prior one.

  1. No give-only take:

Yes this is the most pointing gesture of your girl if she is just using you to fulfill her needs and nothing else. In a true relationship or love give and take is from both the sides. Because if she is selfish and only perform the role of a taker, then eventually there is no love. Being really mean is not a feeling of love.  [Read: 7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You ]

  1. Every now and then asking for favors:

You will not accept this because you love and pamper her, but yes if she is the only one who is frequently asking for helps and favors that too for money purpose or for shopping is a clear indication that she is fooling you and using you. Sometimes she even might ask you for such a thing that she knows is very difficult for you to manage. At that time you will definitely have a doubt on her.

  1. Wants to talk but only about herself:

Ignorance is the worst gesture which you can show to someone. When you are talking to her about her things about her life she replies you very nicely but as soon as you start talking about your own problems and things she barely replies or tries to ignore you or gives you some stupid solutions which hardly matters. Then it’s clear that she is not bothered for you and your life. Because if she really loves you then she will make sure that you come out of your problems. [ Read: Biggest Signs That He Is In Love With You ]

  1. Wants her own company:

Every time you plan for a romantic date or an outing, she disappoints you by getting her own girls along her. This states that she is not comfortable with you alone. A girl getting her own friends on her date or in a meeting with a guy, indicates that she is not sure about him and is not at all in a relationship with him. Because instead of knowing that the tryst is arranged only for you two but still bringing up friends along isn’t a sign of love and faith in the lover.

  1. Never compliments you:

Yes it’s the universal fact that a girl loves compliments from her guy. But, so do boys. Remember when she wasn’t looking that good but you still complimented her out of your love for her? Has she ever complimented you anyway? Because if she’s not noticing and complimenting the one who is just dressed for her then it is clear that she is just using you and isn’t interested in you as her lover but rather, is interested in you as her striver who fulfills all her wishes.  [ Read: 15 Compliments for Guys They’ll Never Ever Forget! ]

  1. Her another relationship:

This is the biggest thing which makes you realize that the girl who you think is the princess of your dreams is really a princess but surely not yours. If she is ditching you, then its high time you should get the things done straight as clear! Otherwise you’ll just remain as her puppet. This also states that she is not only fooling you but is also fooling the other guy as well. This is a very common and a major sign of a fake relationship.

If your girl is showing most of the signs stated above then, surely you are mistaken because then she is not your girl. Remember the difference in being loved and in being used by someone.