Tips For A Smooth Introduction – When Your GF/BF Meet Your Mother


Tips For A Smooth Introduction – When Your GF/BF Meet Your Mother

Finally, the day has come when you will introduce your life partner to your mother. Excited and Anxious at the same time. But be sure you don’t make the common mistakes which actually goes out of our mind in sheer excitement. This is a decision which needs to be taken with care and a mindful thinking which includes planning too. Plan your meeting accordingly to make both(GF/BF and Mother) feel relaxed.

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Tips For A Smooth Introduction - When Your GF/BF Meet Your Mother

#A before-hand information

Inform your partner and your mother about each other from before hand. First what to tell your mother-

  • Tell her about your partner’s qualities.
  • Tell them how you meet, avoid mentioning any embarrassing situations or anything uncomfortable.
  • This is very important that your mother knows about your partner from beforehand so that she doesn’t feel bad or ignored.
  • The main problem happens when you suddenly bring your partner to your house or plan a sudden meeting. At that time your mother feels bad which in turn turns to anger. So, avoid such glitches and make it a smooth journey.

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Now, what to inform your partner-

  • How your mother is
  • What she likes and what is her nature
  • Not to spell anything embarrassing or anything deep, an initial conversation should be light and to the point. This way one can understand the person better as they are giving each other time.
  • Warn your partner not to over dress up. Be simple and smart.
  • Talk less but talk effectively. Be yourself and be calm (TRY TO)
  • Avoid showing too much confidence and keep it light. You know, “Light and Brisk”.

#Avoid being too much cosy

Definitely! I mean a simple hello or a simple hug will do, don’t kiss or give each other bear hug to each other in front of your mother. Remember you went there to make your future with the one you love, and if you behave in that manner, things will surely go the other way. So, RELAX and control your emotions.

#Be relaxed and spell your best

This goes especially for your bf/gf. Tell them to dress up well, avoid showing too much and be well behaved. For the guys-

  • Clean shaved
  • Hair properly combed. If you have long hair, tie it up properly.
  • Dress formally but not like you are going for a corporate interview
  • Smell good. Apply light perfumes, just a little and not the entire bottle.
  • Use cologne. MUST.

For the girls-

  • Walking should be very poised and slow. Not like a tortoise, but more like a girl.
  • Wear the thing she likes. An impressive look can take you  one step closer to your mission.
  • Comb your hair neatly
  • Less makeup but look radiant.
  • Smile occasionally.

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#Other small reminders like

If the meeting is in the house then-

  • Don’t brag about everything you know about the house. Like how your partner’s room looks like, where is the loo or where is that small cosy coffee corner. Let her introduce you, only if she wants to.
  • Don’t keep on peeping inside the house every moment.
  • If she gives you a tour of her house and introduces you to your partner’s childhood photographs, don’t jump out laughing or reveal how well you know everything.Bond well by pretending well.

Don’t eat everything that is served and don’t be choosy at the beginning. Even if you don’t like a particular food, say it politely and try to have at least one. Just taste it and yes, appreciate it.

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If the meeting is outside

  • Be on time. Don’t keep them waiting and spoil your impression in the beginning.
  • If she comes by car, open the door for her and lend your hand to help her get down.
  • Compliment her look, use words like GORGEOUS, AGELESS. Don’t go over the board, keep it short and have fun.
  • Don’t start poking your partner in front of his mother, this looks really embarrassing and can give her a wrong impression.
  • Spend time with your going to be mother-in-law.
  • Gift her something she likes.

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Tips For A Smooth Introduction - When Your GF/BF Meet Your Mother

A mother no matter how harsh or rudely she behaves, nothing is more important to her than her children’s happiness.So, be good and show what you are in reality, faking your identity especially with a mother, is not a good idea. So, next time when you are getting introduced with your going to be mom-in-law, make sure you remember these BASIC tips for a smooth journey. Though not that much smooth, but still a fair one to make it happen.