Tips To Make Him Miss You.


Tips To Make Him Miss You.

Do you want him to miss you? Has your boyfriend been giving you a hard time lately? Perhaps, unknowingly. But he is. Have you been indulging yourself in thoughts like you are the only one who seems to be particularly more available to him, whereas it’s just the opposite on his side? Then here are 6 ways to make your idiot boyfriend miss you more often and come to terms with the realization that it’s high time you’ve been dealing with the drama and now, he needs to treat his girlfriend damn right. [Also read : Come Here, I #Miss You.]

Ways To Make Him Miss You.
1 – Stop texting him constantly.
Stop being too available, even virtually so that he realizes how exactly it feels when you aren’t available 24*7. [Also read : Love Is Missing Someone Whenever You’re Apart


Ways To Make Him Miss You
2 – Do not accept last minute plans.
He just called and said he’d be there to pick you up in five? Tell him you’re caught up with some important stuff and that’s how he’s going to realize that you are starting to get a little upfront about being busy now. [Also read : Do I #Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner?]

Ways To Make Him Miss You
3 – Drop in gentle reminders telling him how much you love him.
This is how it is going to keep your love alive and strong and there is always going to be a motivation for him to be with you. [Also read : Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner’s Heart]

Ways To Make Him Miss You
4 – Surprise him.
Surprise him by wearing his favorite outfit of yours. By planning dates on your pet spots and singing your favorite songs. It’ll remind him of all the beautiful moments you’ve spent together and he would miss you all the much more. [ Also read : When I #Miss You I Close My Eyes And Pretend]

Ways To Make Him Miss You

5 – Wear an amazing perfume.
Nothing makes your better half miss you more than your unique and beautiful smell that always reminds them of you and only you. [ Also read : I Love You Because You’re The Only One I #Miss]

Ways To Make Him Miss You

6 – Have your own life.

Have your own life and hang out with your own friends. Never abandon the boyfriend and the best friends. And when he realizes you’re having a good time without him, he would certainly feel the need to be there and boom! [Also read : I Wanted You To Know That I #Miss You]

Ways To Make Him Miss YouBut the one most important thing that you shall keep in mind while making your boyfriend miss you, is never to go on the wrong track. By wrong track, I mean the track of making him feel the wrong way maybe that of jealousy and sulkiness. Just make sure, they know when to miss you.