Tips to Ignore Those Negative Jerks.


Tips to Ignore Those Negative Jerks!

Being in this heavily guarded sarcastic world, meeting such classy and typically negative people are a must! No matter how hard you try, these people are like the scorching heat of the sun, which is rising everywhere everyday . Starting from trying to pull you down or demoralizing you to those self-centered narcissist, they get on your nerves each time they open their foul mouth. So today likelovequotes is here with some positive and easy solutions you can use to push aside such people. Enjoy!

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Tips to Ignore Those Negative Jerks.

1/Try to avoid creating an eye contact with them. If suddenly you bump across them in a mall or on road, ignore them by avoiding that vicious eye contact. Creating an eye contact will invite them to have a conversation with you , which you will regret forever.

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2/Limit your convos and cut it short. The more you elongate the talks, the more they get excuse to bother you. Please don’t spoil your mood by entertaining such negative leech.

3/If you know their zone i.e, where they have their group or where they stay the most, try to avoid those places directly. If needed and is urgent then only visit those places, or else, ignore them with an open heart.

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4/A sudden bump or meet and you turn pale! SHIT! Chillax dear, just be busy with your  SMART PHONE. He is smart and knows you just the right way. Fidget with your phone and show that an important call is coming.

5/Keep an alibi ready. Anyone from the group who hates that NEGATIVE LEECH as much as you, use him/her as a barrier and try to come out from his trap.

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6/At times what happens is, there is no way out other than listening to what those jerks has to say. This mostly happens during any family gathering. And they don’t leave a chance to put all their knowledge upon you. Be it your career or your private life, they have a say on each and everything. RELAX! Breath in, breath out. Just listen to what they have to say and don’t take it personally. The more you take it in your mind the more they block you. So keep calm and just relax.

7/Use your headphones. Plug to some happy  foot tapping beats and go for a sleep. Relax and Relax. DEEP PEACE!

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8/Ok! he/she spoiled your day and mood both, but you don’t have to brag about what they did. Never make them the topic of your conversation. Hang out with friends, there are so many else topics to talk about. Free your mind from them and keep it productive.

9/Fidget with your bag and walk away as if you didn’t notice them coming.

10/Never give them your phone number or add them on your facebook. And if by-chance you did it, keep them in restricted list where they won’t see what you share or when you are online.

And the funny part is, no matter how many points I write about how to ignore them, at times they are just NOT SO easy to avoid. But please don’t stress your mind on what they say, they will keep on speaking and spreading shits around, but,you don’t have to take the responsibility of cleaning or smelling those.

Tips to Ignore Those Negative Jerks.

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