Timeless Love – Story

Timeless Love – Story

Joshua was a reputed doctor at a private hospital. He often undertook surgeries. He had been working there for almost 5 years. He was a gentleman and was rather handsome. His parents had passed away earlier in the year. He had an elder sister who treated him like a son. Her name was Betty. She was a divorcee, but she had a cute son who was just 5 years old. They both lived in adjacent apartments and were quite close. Joshua shared most of his life incidents with her. Betty always advised him about his life decisions. Betty often tried to get Joshua to date her single friends or hook him up in love with someone she knew. [ Read: The Meeting – A short Story]

Timeless Love - Story

A few months earlier, Martha joined the hospital as a nurse. She assisted Joshua in all the operations that he performed. Martha wasn’t very well to do, but she was sincere and dedicated. She looked average. She lived alone and supported herself with her job. She had big ambitions, she dreamt of having her own clinic and being a well known doctor. [ Read: Distance Can’t Keep Us Apart – True Story.


Martha and Joshua started spending much time together at the hospital due to their work requirement. Soon, they developed feelings for each other. They both had immense love for each other but neither spoke about it, fearing rejection. Martha thought that probably Joshua wouldn’t want to date a nurse, who wasn’t as rich as him. Joshua thought that Martha shouldn’t feel that he pitied her in any sort of way and didn’t want to hurt her self-respect. Hence both remained quiet.

Soon it was a year, since they met. They spent most of their time together at the hospital and often had lunch together. They had a fixed routine and everything was going smoothly in their lives. They both didn’t feel the need to confront each other, as both were too much in love with the other. Often their friends at work teased them with each other. Betty didn’t know of this development yet. [ Read: Commitment Maniac: Signs To Tell For Sure ]

It was a Sunday that day. Betty and Joshua were having breakfast together. She told Joshua that one of her friends, who was as old as Joshua and works for a leading fashion magazine, was very interested in him. Betty said that she wanted Joshua to take her out. She showed Joshua her friend’s picture from her phone. Joshua thanked Betty, and said that he possibly couldn’t. He said that he liked a girl called Martha who works as a nurse in the hospital and was thinking of asking her to marry him the next month on her birthday.

Hearing this, Betty was furious. She didn’t say anything to Joshua. Betty thought that Joshua shouldn’t marry a nurse, who isn’t of the same status as they are. She was more concerned about what the society will say. She thought that because of ‘that nurse’, Joshua was going further from her. She wondered what the society will say to her about her brother’s choice. Betty couldn’t tolerate that Joshua decided to marry someone without even consulting her and that too, a nurse! She decided that she would have to do something about this before it got too late. [ Read: Just Another #Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

Joshua had a shift at a corporate wellness section too every Wednesday. So he would spend most of the day there every week. Betty knew this very well and thought that was the best time to meet ‘Martha – the nurse’. So this particular Wednesday, she went to the hospital and asked for Martha. After waiting for a while, she saw Martha and she wasn’t pleased. She thought her brother deserved so much better than this girl. Betty introduced herself to Martha as Joshua’s sister. She told her that one of her friends loves Joshua but he doesn’t love her back because Martha has done some black magic on him. She said that Joshua deserves much better than Martha, and that Martha should leave this place as soon as possible. Betty told her that she had contacts and could ruin her if she wanted to, so it was better if she packed her bags and left.

Martha didn’t know whether to get happy or sad, Joshua loved her but his sister hated her. She knew how much Joshua loved his sister. She thought she didn’t have much of a choice. She handed in her resignation and left that hospital. She requested the authorities to not tell Joshua about it for as long as possible. She left the city and moved to another city. After a few days, Joshua came to know that Martha had left the hospital and was never returning. He called her, went to her place, but she had left. He felt completely abandoned. [ Read: I Want You. End Of The Story.]

Joshua got terribly upset. He lived like he was forced to live. He stopped spending time with anyone, even Betty! He started feeling depressed and became sad. Betty had never seen Joshua like this, not even when they lost their parents. Betty now started feeling terribly guilty. She tried to find out where Martha had gone, but to no avail. She didn’t have the courage to tell Joshua that it was her, who coaxed Martha to leave.

Two years had passed and Joshua lived like a robot. He didn’t care for anything anymore. He stopped socializing completely. That week, a storm had hit another city and many people were in need for medical help. There were several medical camps at the disaster hit area. Joshua went there as part of the medical camp. He was busy helping people and giving them aid. [ Read: 10 #Love Quotes For Long Distance Relationships]

He saw many doctors at the camp. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Martha, as a doctor standing in front of him. Joshua told her, how much he missed her and asked how she could leave him like that. He said that he loved her, and there hadn’t been a moment where he didn’t think about her for two long years. He said that his sister Betty was worried for his health and admitted him to a rehab too. Martha couldn’t hold it any longer. She said that she loved him too and she lied that had to leave the city urgently because her brother had a minor accident. Joshua said that this time he will make her his bride before she goes anywhere. Martha agreed happily. Martha still didn’t tell Joshua about what Betty did to her, because she didn’t want to spoil his relationship with her. Betty accepted Martha when she met her and asked for her forgiveness.

Moral: If you have true love for someone, no matter how long it has been, the feelings will always sustain. Some people are fond of breaking relationships. When two people are in love, the perception of  a third should not matter.

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