Me Time: Is it a Priority or an Option?


Me Time: Is it a Priority or an Option?

Are you Bored? or Tired? following the same Hectic Schedule?? No time for Yourself?? Do you consider your ‘Me Time’ an Option? ‘Me Time’ Is it a Priority or an Option for you?? Want some Change or a break from your Tight Schedule?? No need to Worry! We are at your Rescue! Read and find out some Interesting Ways to get your “Me Time” in amidst Hectic Schedule. In today’s time when everyone is busy fighting their own battle and leading a hectic lifestyle, finds it difficult to manage some time for themselves. But people need to understand that ”Me Time’‘ is equally important and should be on priority for them rather than considering it a mere option. One need to understand that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” This means that a person who keep on working without making some time for other things turns out to be a boring person. He has no life of his own.

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Me Time Is it a Priority or an Option

A person has to face so many things in life that he gets exhausted in achieving new targets everyday, be it in his professional life or in his personal life. You will come cross so many people who are going through a hectic schedule but never complain. This is because their work demands all the hard work. It is not only about the professional lifestyle they live, they need to fulfill other responsibilities too. A person gets so exhausted in managing his professional and personal life that he finds no time for ‘Himself’. It gets lost some where between them and he is left with no other Option to make his ‘Me Time’ stand last in his priority list. What do you understand by ‘Me Time’? Don’t confuse ‘Me Time’ with the personal life of a person or the time he spends with his family after meeting all his challenges in his professional life. ‘Me Time’ means YOU, YOU and only You. It is your time that you would like to spend away from all the chaos that you face in your everyday life. Let’s look out for some ways that will help you  to get your “Me Time” in between the tight schedule.

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Pen Down What you Like:
Do you find it hard to make out some ‘Me Time ‘ between all the chaos in your life. Have you lost your ‘Me Time in between your commitment towards your domestic life and professional life. You need to take a break or try to make some time for yourself too. Remember the time, when you had no such responsibilities and you were like a Free Bird. In order to get some ‘Me Time‘ again in your life the first thing you need to do is to make a list of things according to your liking. It should have all the things that you want to do in your ‘Me Time’. It can be anything, may be your love for reading, listening music etc. In short the things you want to do and that brings joy to you.

Divide your Time:
Don’t consider yourself a Superman or a Superwoman. Everyone first needs to understand that they are not ‘Machines they are Human Beings‘. They need to learn that one can easily do more things or make out some extra time when he or she is capable enough to manage his or her time. Divide your domestic responsibilities with other members of your family. This will fetch you some time in a day to do the things you like to do in between your busy and monotonous lifestyle. Don’t think you are machines and can easily do everything on your own. In simple words ‘Learn Time Management.’

Keep your ‘Me Time’ in your Priority List:
Whenever you make your to do list what is your criteria to list down your work ?
The things you list first are definitely your priority and other things follow them. But wait, What About You?? We know that these things are important in your life but you are no less important my friend! Always remember to put yourself or your ‘Me Time’ in your Priority list. In order to come up with new ideas, one need to meet new people and explore the world too. Always remember that ‘You are a Priority not an Option’. Learn to value yourself. Make it a Permanent thing in your priority list.

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Do Something Productive:
Do you consider watching television or your favorite web series as your ‘Me Time’? No, this will not be considered as your ‘Me Time’ because it is not contributing anything to your accomplishments. You need to do something productive in your life. Think what all you can do to enhance your skills? Did you like to play a keyboard in your childhood but could not learn it playing completely due to some reasons? Then go, and join some classes to learn it all over again.

Have you Heard of Multi-tasking?
If you know what is multi-tasking then apply it to your hectic schedule. Multi-tasking means when one person can do two or more things together. You just need to see that how you can do them. Like for example, all the mothers who are music lovers can easily listen to their favorite music while cooking good food for the family. Try to become a Multi-tasker without spoiling things.

Adopt New Ways:
If you get no time for yourself you should understand that the way you are doing or undertaking your tasks need to be changed. Though you are giving your hundred percent to it but it is of no use. You need to adopt different ways or better ways to finish the task on time. Don’t linger on things. Learn the value of time. Don’t pile up things rather finish them on time.

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Never Treat yourself as an Option:
As it is said that “Never make people your priority who treat you as an option.” Hence, you need to know that you are a precious jewel and you need to understand your importance in order to make others value you. Don’t put yourself last. We know work and your domestic responsibilities are important but It is You who make them happen, if you will not care for yourself others too won’t understand your importance.

Balance is the KEY for everything:
Try to develop a Balance. If you managed to form a balance between your professional and your personal life, you will easily make out some ‘Me Time’ for yourself irrespective of the hectic schedule. Your favorite activity can become your main work too. This will definitely help you to form a balance in your life.

No matter what it takes from you never forget that Life is all about new challenges it brings to you everyday. But it is You, who decide the process to achieve it. Other things can really wait for some time but Your Time is just Your TIME. Making your professional life a Priority will help you add Name and Fame but You will definitely get Lost somewhere in this Battle of being the Best. So, Make your ‘Me Time’ your Priority not an Option.