Those Memories Were Great When My Mind Took Me To School Days

Those Memories Were Great When My Mind Took Me To School Days

Those Memories Were Great When My Mind Took Me To School Days

Your school days are the best days of your life. There are no responsibilities or baggage to shoulder upon. Worries, that are a part and parcel of an adult’s life, are something that you are oblivious of. This phase of your life is filled with fun, laughter and joy. Whenever you land up in some trouble, you know your parents will bail you out of it.

You always feel nostalgic when you come across something that reminds you of your school days. Here are certain memories associated with your school life that bring a smile on your lips:

  1. Sharing your food

Your mom always packed your tiffin box with various delicacies and your friends always looked forward to you sharing the food with them. Of course, they shared their stuff too. After the bell struck half time and marked a recess of thirty minutes, all your friends used to gather at one place and open their lunchboxes. You would share each other’s food and talk about cartoons, homework etc. with your friends. [ Read: My childhood was not like other kids. ]

  1. Buying covers for your notebooks

It was compulsory to put those orange, brown coloured paper covers on your notebooks. A day before a new session started or you entered a new class, you searched frantically for any leftover paper covers. If you could not find any, you ran straight to the nearest stationery store to buy one. Unable to put covers on all the notebooks single handedly, you used to ask your parents to help you out. Only after all the notebooks were duly covered, you could heave a sigh of relief.

  1. Chewing bubble gums

There used to be a competition among your friends about blowing the biggest bubble. Sometimes, in this bubble gum blowing competition, the bubble would burst right at your face and everybody would end up laughing. Chewing bubble gums was not restricted to this completion. Many of your friends would chew the gum for hours and then stick it on the desk. Now when you think of it, it seems dirty. But that used to be fun back in the day. [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ]

  1. Doodling on paper

Drawing something on a paper was the most effective way of beating the boredom inflicted upon in a class. You had your favourite cartoons, superheroes and you would draw them up on a piece of paper while the teacher went about teaching. The teacher would think that you are writing down notes and they would not take notice of your creative pursuits.

  1. Playing indoor games during a free period

A teacher being absent or not turning up for a class was always good news for you. A free period meant playing those wonderful time pass games. Cross zero and fighting it out with a ‘pen fight’ were few of the many fun games that you played with your friends. You had to play these games with the very few stationery items you had and you managed to come up with a game pretty well. [ Read: Why Everybody Should Love Their Parents ]

  1. Cheating during exams

You always found ways to communicate with your friends during the exams and get them to answer questions which you had no clue about. From gestures to whispers, you had several methods to get about the whole thing. The unsigned deal was that if your friend helped you, you would help them out in return.

  1. Having the first crush

This is the time when your heart starts beating faster than usual and you discover that emotion called love. The seriousness of this emotion is something you discover at a later stage but it all begins here. Your first crush could be on a classmate or even your teacher. You fail to define or express your feelings but you revel in the joy of it. [ Read: 6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You ]

  1. Scribbling everywhere

From doing the rough work on the desks to scribbling your name on the walls of the wash room, you treated the school property as your own. The complaints were few and far in between unless of course somebody caught you read handed. You feel terrible for doing so but those scribblings are now a reminder of your presence in the school.

  1. Saving up pocket money

Before you started earning and raking up a huge salary, your parents used to pay you pocket money once in a while. Most of us were given a meagre amount to spend but nothing made us happier than our parents handing us some cash. Your excitement would be out of bounds would think of several ways of spending the money. Although pocket money was never enough, it helped you buy some of your favourite goodies. It also helped you develop saving habits as you saved up the money to buy something big. [ Read: 7 ways to convince your parents to lend you money ]

  1. Being punished by the teachers

You used to be petrified of being punished by your teachers when you failed to complete your homework on time. At times, punishments turned out to be fun as well. Remember when a bunch of your friends, apart from you, got punished and you guys spent the entire period roaming around the school campus. Certain kinds of punishments embarrassed you but there were some that you looked forward to as well.

The memories that you have of your school life will always be your fondest memories and shall remain close to your heart. Your school friends will always be your closest friends your teachers’ guidance is what helped you sail through life. Make a visit to your school, walk down the memory lane and revisit the best days of your life.