This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush}

This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush}

Everyone in a relationship will be celebrating Valentine Day, with a candle lit romantic dinner or a romantic drive together or a hand in hand walk together. That is quite obvious. But what about the people who secretly like someone and haven’t confessed their feelings to them yet? How can they celebrate Valentine Day without thinking of the one they love? To them, as well, this day is of prime importance. Maybe they cannot confess or declare their love in front of everyone, because they still don’t know about the other person’s feelings. But they can surely do certain things to drop hints or impress their beloved on this day. Also, for those who really want to confess their feelings and cannot hold them back anymore, Valentine Day is a great way to start.

This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS Your Crush

Here are a few things you can do, to impress your beloved this Valentine Day.

  1. Write a letter to your crush

You can write a love filled, expression filled letter to your crush, with all your feelings in it. If you think you are not ready to post it, you can just write the letter and keep it safely with u, until you’re ready to post it. This way, all your heart’s feelings will come out on paper and you will feel much lighter.

  1. Compliment your crush

If you are on talking terms with your crush, compliment them, this valentine day. Tell them, their hair looks amazing, or they did excellent at the presentation, or they have a smart watch. It would make you feel better and who knows, it might also make them feel inclined towards you.

  1. Smile at your crush

If you don’t talk often to your crush but see them often at your workplace, in your neighborhood or at your college, look at them and give them a dazzling smile. They are sure to return your smile and that will keep you happy throughout the day, if not the entire week!

  1. Text your crush

If you are friends with your crush, but never got personal with them, valentine day is the right day to start a word with them. Send them a casual text or ping them on one of the social networking sites. Wait for their reply and keep the conversation going.

  1. Give them a chocolate or flower

If you think your crush is also into you, and you guys flirt occasionally. You can take this ahead by gifting him or her some chocolates. If she’s a girl, give her a beautiful rose (red or pink) in order to drop the hint that you are very much interested in her.  If she smiles and accepts it, she will most definitely

  1. Make them laugh

If you and your crush travel together or have lunch together, make them laugh a lot. It could be a series of incidents that have happened with you. It could be some silly jokes that would definitely make them laugh. Show them your humorous side and your dazzling sense of humor.

  1. Propose to them

If you have a mighty feeling that your crush likes you too and you have to take this further. Consult a couple of your friends and make a set up for the perfect proposal. Propose them with music, flowers, and chocolates. Ask them out for a dinner date and pop the question there. You are sure to get a yes!

  1. Dress impeccably

Dress yourself especially well on this day. Make yourself look so exotic, that they would not be able to resist seeing you again and again. Make sure you look dapper or stunning in your favorite dress. Wear the color red if possible.

  1. Don’t try too much

Often, trying too much to be liked by someone makes you extremely conscious and makes a fool of yourself. Thus, don’t try to change who you are for somebody who doesn’t accept you for what you are.

How are you planning to express your love to your crush? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments section.