This Beautiful Marriage Proposal will Leave You Envy

This Beautiful Marriage Proposal will Leave You Envy

There already have been different kind of proposals. By saying different I mean really different and kind of unique.

This one goes so simple and yet has its own type. A proposal is not just asking her to be with you. It’s about telling her how badly you need her, how unconditionally you love her and how much you wanna keep her happy.

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These are the true words from a heart in love. Hats off to the guy who planned it and more importantly the way he executed it. Love can make you do miracles. The God must have bestowed his blessings on the girl that she met this guy.

This whole proposal started like a dream for the girl. She kept giggling and blushing throughout and at the end of dream when she wakes up she finds his guy kneeling down and asking her, “will you be mine?” Every balloon tied to her hand was a promise made to her from Alex; they will reach the skies someday altogether. She stood straight in disbelief but her eyes knew how to say yes; they blushed. Believe me to be loved back by the same person you love most in the world is a matchless feeling. No words can describe the charm of that feeling.

Alex Yeo and Cindi hugged each other.

Watch this beautiful proposal here and witness endless love.


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