What He’s Thinking the First Time You Sleep With Him


What He’s Thinking the First Time You Sleep With Him

Are you curious to what a men think when you sleep for the first time with them? LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help all the girls to know what really guys think about when they are planning to make love to you for the very first time. No person is same, every individual think different and have different way of expressing themselves. The same thing applies when you both indulge sexually with each other. As girls have a habit of thinking before something new is about to happen. Similarly, boys too have their unique notions about making love  to their partner for the very first time.

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What He's Thinking the First Time You Sleep With Him


What He Thinks About Making Love For The First Time?

If you are really excited  to know the naked truth about what goes through his mind during and after making love to you. You are really at the right place. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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It been time that you are dating someone and you both have got so closed to each other that making love to each other is all you want to experience. What do you think, he thinks as soon as the lights go dim? You may think about all the nasty ideas that can come to your mind. While you are thinking about leg stubble and all that stuff in your mind. A guy’s mind is all over on you like a map.

When a guy makes play to a girl with someone he thinks that will the girl allow him to do all the things he want to do with her. Would she allow him do all the fantasies he wants to get fulfilled. He just can’t get over the fact that the girl allowed him to touch all her parts tenderly.

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Another thing that the boys think when they make love to you for the very first time. They are well aware of the fact that going fast will spoil all the fun. So, they prefer going slow while making love  to you. They keep in mind that making you excited at the place would not be that beneficial to them. On the other hand, there are few guys who don’t believe in wasting time all they want from the grl to get cozy with and turn him on.

Thus, everyone thinks differently, there is no doubt about it. Guys too have different notions about love making for the first time. Making love to their partner is the liked by both of them equally.