12 Things You should Look for in a Guy before You Date Him

12 Things You should Look for in a Guy before You Date Him

Every girl wants a fairy tale relationship, or in practical words – a happy relationship! However, there is a certain pattern – most girls end up with not one but three, four heartbreaks thanks to the bad boys they are attracted to. Sure, your girlfriends hear you out through those bad break ups and even give you tips on how to pick your next choice. But come on, every girl has different ideas about romance! What your girl friend looks for in a guy may be very different from what you wish for.

12 Things You Should Look For in a Guy Before You Date Him

So let’s spare your heart from aches and give you some indications on what you should look for in a guy before you date him.

  1. Respect For Women, Respect For You

Observe how he behaves with his mother, sister and other women around him. A man who is respectful towards his mother will be courteous with all women, especially you! He should be happy with who you are and respect your choices, even if they differ from his. [ Read: 9 Habits of Happy Couples ( They Never Talk About)


  1. My Friends, My world

Know his friends and you’ll know the guy. Find out how often he goes out with his buddies and what kind of a social life he has. He maybe an introvert, but there is difference between being an introvert and a loner. If you enjoy catching up with friends regularly, going out with a loner is a bad choice because you will just end up getting bored and will soon become sour!

  1. I Believe in Love!

What does the guy think about love? How important are relationships in his current life stage? Is he just looking for something casual or for a potential relationship? All these questions should be clearly answered, because only then can you decide whether your ideas match his and you are both on the same page! [ Read: Reasons Why – Say I Love You and Show It ]

  1. I want to be a Billionaire!

Does he have a stable job? What are his aspirations? Does he have a plan chalked down as far as his career is concerned? Be with a guy who is ambitious and wishes to be successful! If he is someone who is laid back and leave everything for tomorrow, a few years down the line he will be frustrated and if your relationship has been going strong, it will take a U-turn only because of he is not focused towards his career.

  1. Confidence!

A confident man is an attractive one! More importantly, he is self-assured making the base of your relationship solid. Someone who does not have faith in himself will end up being clingy, irrational and extremely possessive. So decide to be with someone who is confident in his own skin! [ Read: 100 Reasons Why I LOVE My Boyfriend So Much ]

  1. Appearance is Impression!

This is your first impression about the guy! He may be fit to walk the Paris Fashion Week, but observe his dressing ways and it will tell you a lot about his personality – especially his shoes, nails and hair! For instance, a crumpled shirt will indicate that he’s quite careless and messy or if his stubble is well trimmed you know he is someone who cares about the small details.

  1. Emotional Quotient

All men are kids at heart! However, you need to know how he reacts to fights, is he willing to have tricky conversations, how comfortable is he while communicating the love language and so on. Don’t expect him to score a 100% on the emotional front, all you need to know is that he responds to your emotional wants. [ Read: 11 Things that Mean More to Men Than “I Love You” ]

  1. The Prince Charming!

Romance adds spice to life! He should be a romantic at heart because that will keep your relationship young and happening! Surprise dinner, a bouquet of flowers at your office, an unexpected visit to your apartment – all these are treasured joys of a relationship. And if he’s a fan of romance, you are in for a great treat, lady!

  1. I Hear You

A man who listens to what you speak has definitely won his way to your heart! He should be attentive towards your talk and also your needs. If your opinions differ from his, he should agree to hear you out. It is okay if he does not accept your opinions, but at least he is willing to hear you and rationalize with you. This means he cares enough to talk and to listen! [ Read: Cute Little Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE So Much… ]

  1. A Kind Soul

Kindness and generosity speak volumes about a man’s personality. A simple exercise would be to see how kind he is to the servers in a restaurant- if he is courteous and nice to those people, he is a wonderful human being with not an ounce of arrogance, but just pure kindness in his heart.

  1. Anger Management

Many people are short-tempered bringing the whole house down for something as silly as the rain spoiling his shirt! Beware gals, you don’t want to be with a freak who loses his temper in the smallest of matters. However, many guys who tend to get angry fast do cater to some anger management tactics, so if he is a great guy who is taking efforts to keep his temper in check, there is no harm in going ahead! [ Read: The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her ]

  1. Passions!

Apart from work, friends and you, he should have some interests which keep him engaged and excited about life – it maybe is playing a sport, swimming, history, cooking, anything at all. His passion towards his hobbies tells you how enthusiastic about life he is and of course, that there is no boring moment when you are with him!

One important fact to keep in mind is that you should never compromise! Assuming that ‘he will change’ or ‘times will change’ is a risk you’ve taken every time and yes, you’ve faced the consequences. So what is the point if he scores a perfect 10 on good looks, but a zero on the romantic and emotional scoreboard? So make wise decisions and pick the right guy, ladies!