5 Things You Never Knew about Your First Love

5 Things You Never Knew about Your First Love
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5 Things You Never Knew about Your First Love

We might have fallen in love several times in our life but there is something special about falling in love for the first time. As you grow up, the feeling of love loses it’s charm and innocence. There is a sense of excitement and intrigue when you fall in love for the first time. The feeling of falling in love for the first time cannot be replicated again. Even if things do not work in your favor and you fail to woo the person you were in love with, you always look back at this phase with fond memories.  You are very young when you fall in love for the first time. You are not very mature and hence, there are certain things you did not notice while you were you in love. There are a few things that you realize only after you grow up a bit. [ Read: It’s All About First Sight Love… ]

Here are a few things you never knew about your first love:

  1. Self sufficient

People will come and go. You will go through several relationships before you find the right person. Most of the people start depending on their partner after they get in to a relationship. It is almost as if they cannot breathe without them.  While it signifies the strong feelings you have for your partner, it also shows that you are completely dependent on them. What if they leave you?  You must prepare yourself for the worst. You should trust your partner and try to make the relationship work but must be ready to face the situation in case things go wrong. For that, you need to understand that the one person whom you should be completely dependent on is you. You should be able to deal with the world when you loved one goes away from you. [ Read: 6 Reasons WHY Love at First Sight is More of a Myth than Reality ]

  1. Respect yourself

Your partner can be cruel to you at times. They can say mean things that can hurt you and make you lose faith in yourself. You would then start questioning your actions ending up in despising yourself. If your partner accuses you of doing something wrong, you must analyse the situation and think about it carefully. You should question yourself but not at the cost of losing your respect. If you think you have done no wrong then you must stand by that and correct your partner. You deserve respect from your partner and you should not let them insult you for no reason. Before love comes respect. If your partner does not respect you, then thy do not love you.

  1. Stay close to your family and friends

Sometimes, people get so involved with their love life that they stop making time for their friends and family. You tend to forget the people whom you spent your entire life with and the ones who care for you the most in the world. Is that a good thing to do? No, right? You must never distance yourself from your family and friend. They are the ones who will stand by you and console you after you break up with your partner. You must be thinking that your relationship would last forever. That could happen. That might not happen. Relationships do not come with a guarantee but friends and family, no matter what you do, will never leave your hand,. In fact, they are the ones who will see you through your bad times.  Spend as much time you want to with your partner but spare a few minutes for your family and friends as well. Do not ignore them while you are running after love. [ Read: What’s does Teenage Love Actually Mean to Teenagers?s ]

  1. Do not change yourself

All human beings are different from one another and that is exactly what makes them unique. You should not expect your partner to be your clone. Respect for them what they are and their individuality. You love them because of what they are. There could be a few things that you want them to change them about themselves but you should learn to accept. There must be something about you that annoys them. Would you change yourself for them? If not, then you should not expect them to change for you.

  1. Nothing lasts forever

When you fell in love for the first time, you were young and saw the world with rose tinted glasses. Today, we see high school kids being a part of the dating scene. They think that it is something that is going to last forever. No matter how sincere your intentions are, you are not mature enough to nurture a relationship at this age. You are in love but are not aware of it complexities.  It requires a lot of maturity and understanding to handle a relationship. Things will fall into place someday but it would be a little too early to commit at a young age. [ Read: Different Ways To Saying I Love You Without Saying A Word ]

You are oblivious of many things when you fall in love for the first time. You feel something that you have never felt before and are in a confused state of mind. It is okay to be ignorant and make a few mistakes before you learn how to be in a relationship. You fall in love, walk, fall and learn. Love is a beautiful but complex emotion that requires a deep understanding. Things would not be perfect when you fall in love for the first time but gradually, you will understand its implications and learn everything that you need to.