18 Things You Do That Make Guys Think That You Are An Easy Lay

18 Things You Do That Make Guys Think That You Are An Easy Lay

A girl should never give a guy the impression that she is an easy lay. The harder you make it seem to get you, the more attractive you will be. Even if they might not admit it, guys like girls to have an air of mystery around them. Thus, even if you like a guy, you should not come across as an open book to him, you should not make yourself an easy lay for him. You could charm him while maintaining a kind of enigma about yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of girls, knowingly or unknowingly, do things that make them come across as vulnerable, giving guys the impression that they can easily sweep them off their feet with their charm.

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18 Things You Do That Make Guys Think That You Are An Easy Lay

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Here are 18 things you do that make guys think that you are an easy lay

  1. Smiling all the time

It is good to smile at somebody out of courtesy, but if you smile at a guy every time he walks in front of you, he will think that you are already impressed and have fallen for him. If you want him to work hard towards pleasing you, then you have to stop smiling all the time. You could just greet him and walk off, if not he’ll firmly believe that you will be an easy lay for him and he won’t bother trying to impress you.

  1. Initiating a conversation

Whenever you meet him or bump into each other occasionally, let him start the conversation. You might have butterflies in your stomach when you meet him and feel the urge to start the conversation, but refrain from doing so. Join in after he starts the conversation, if you don’t want to create an impression that you’ll be an easy lay for him.

  1. Physical contact

If you know someone well enough and are talking to them, you tend to make physical contact with them. You do not feel awkward as you are close to them. But, if you make physical contact with a male friend, it could give him the impression that you are interested in him.

  1. Being available

If you turn up at his doorstep after receiving just a phone call from him, you need to change your ways. He should not feel that you are free all the time and you can come all the way to meet him whenever he wants you to. If you are not a busy person, start acting like you are one, and do not meet him on a regular basis.

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  1. Sharing your address

If you meet a guy, get along well with him and then he asks for your number, do not give it to him. Once he gets your address, he will not think twice before landing up at your place. He will think you have no issues having him at your home. You could think about sharing your address after getting to know him well.

  1. Stealing a glance

Even if you find a guy interesting, you cannot look at him stealthily. If he finds you looking at him, he will think that it will be easy to impress you now that you are already interested in him.

  1. Talking about him

When we have a crush on someone, we cannot hold our excitement within ourselves and talk about this to our friends. It would be hard, but you must not talk about your feelings, which you have for a guy, in front of anyone else. If you tell your friends, he will get to know about it sooner or later.

  1. Being enthusiastic

You must not turn out to be over-enthusiastic when you meet him. Do not let him know that he is the reason why you are so excited. If you seem highly enthusiastic in front of him, he will know that you are crazy about him.

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  1. Looking into his eyes

You look into someone’s eyes when you are interested in them. If a guy catches you looking into his eyes, he will get an inkling that you have noticed him and are observing him now.

  1. Sharing your phone number

The first thing a guy asks for, after you are done with the introductions, is your number. You should make him work hard to get close to you. Instead of giving him your number, you could suggest another meeting.

  1. Suggestive dance

You could accept his proposal of a dance but you must not make any move that could lead him towards believing that you are interested in him.

  1. Flirting with him

There is no harm in flirting but you should lure him into flirting with you. Under no circumstance should you go ahead and flirt with him first.

  1. Too naive

You should strike an intelligent conversation with the guy. He should not consider you to be a naive person. If you give him that impression, he will think that it would be easy to make you fall for him.

  1. Extremely comfortable

Do not make yourself too comfortable around him. If he senses that you are extremely comfortable in his presence, he will try to get closer to you.

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  1. Do not drink too much

Going out for a drink is okay but do not get yourself sloshed. Strangely enough, a lot of guys have this notion that if a girl drinks with them, she is interested in them. Make sure you hold your alcohol well.

  1. Do not go out with him as yet

Once he gets to know you, he will ask you out on a date.  Even if you like him and are willing to go out with him, do not say yes too quickly. Take your own sweet time and make him wait for a while.

  1. Being over friendly

One should always be cordial with people but when you do not wish to be pleased easily, you have to refrain yourself from being over-friendly with a guy. Do not let him have that sense of over-familiarity with you.

  1. Being desperate

We tend to act desperate when we are in love. If you are smitten by a guy, then you are likely to be intimidated by his presence. It is important that you hold your ground and do not let him sense that.

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If you play too easy to get, there is a good chance of the guy dominating you in the future. Don’t be an easy lay for him. If you want to have the upper hand in the relationship, then you must make him run for you first.