Things Women Don’t Want to Hear In Bed.


Things Women Don’t Want to Hear In Bed.

Are you planning to make love to your lady tonight? Are you aware the things that women hate to hear in bed? Want to know what you should say to her while making love to him? Are willing to talk dirty to your girl to excite her? Are you sure your words will create magic on your girl? What men should avoid saying to their women in bed? is here to bring down your curiosity in this regard. We will help you know want are the things you should avoid saying when you are planning to enjoy bedroom romance with  your partner. Let us not waste much time by beating the drum around the bush. Come Let us Explore it together.

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Things Women Don't Want to Hear In Bed

Things To Avoid Saying To Your Women In Bed.

There are certain things which men should not say to any girl while making love to her. Girls love to hear words which excite them. Setting up of the right mood when it comes to bedroom romance. To turn her on men should say something which makes her go crazy and mad. The right mood will help both the partners to gain maximum sensual pleasure. Making love to your partner is not an easy task. This is because dirty talking requires a flow, feelings and intensity. Come let’s see what are the things that men should avoid saying to any girl while making love to her.

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#1 “What now, you’re crying?”

#2 “Looks like I just put my man butter on your girl toast.”

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#3 “Well, that was fun.”

#4 “Your tummy feels so soft.”

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#5 “Praise the Lord!”

 #6 Another woman’s name.

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#7 “Shh!”

#8 “Do you mind if my roommate joins us?”

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Thus , following are the phrases or things that women don’t want to hear from their men in the bed.