8 Best Things to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise Him

8 Best Things to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise Him

Surprise! Who doesn’t like surprises (not shocks to be precise) in a lovey dovey relationship? It is believed and seen that guys love surprises more than girls but tend not to show it. Gifts and lovable piece of writing will never fade away ever when people are in for some kind of commitment. Even if it’s vintage way of showing love but it will never grow old in any aspect. It will still be very close to one’s heart who receives this kind of piece of love writing. It is hell lot of a tough job to choose the perfect gifts when your boyfriend’s birthday comes, or your anniversary time arrives or any other big occasion. Instead of giving something they will never use, probably you should give them something that they will cherish forever their lives. This can only be achieved when you give them something by creating on your own. It is an obvious fact that they will tend to appreciate those items which are handmade as It’s YOU who made it!

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8 Best Things to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise Him

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  1. Balloons balloons everywhere!

Balloons are one thing which can never go old fashioned. It works out the same for every age, be it you are 5 or 50. For people who are in relationships, it works in a much better way. It is loved by each and everyone. If it’s your guy’s birthday, so only the gift doesn’t matter much, the way you present it matters. Buy a bunch of balloons and create a path by sticking them that leads to the path from the very starting point so their smile doesn’t fade away for even one second. Most certainly he will love it and will never tend to forget this way of presenting your gift.

  1. Bake a yummy cake for him!

It doesn’t matter how you suck at cooking. You can anytime take help from a cooking guide or a friend. Don’t buy a cake from outside as how much a homemade cake will attract him won’t be equal if you buy a cake from outside. He will tend to appreciate your hard work that you tried and made something for him on his big day. Try and bake a heart shaped cake which will blow him to bits and he will be super awestruck. You may think about the icing on the cake and what flavour your guy likes the most, is it chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? So go and bake him a heart cake with all your heart!

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  1. Envelopes!

This is a full time vintage project and can never go old with your loved ones. And why just a day or love? You can start doing all these preparation a week or two weeks before his birthday. Make sure that this might be the best two weeks of his life. When you try to make your guy happy, you don’t need to do any of the grand gestures to make them happy. Sometimes the best of people are happy with the small things you do for them with so much love. You can glue up seven or fourteen envelopes that leads from two weeks before his birthday. Make a chain of fourteen envelopes and stick them together. Each one should be for one day. Place a super surprise for him in each one. You may put a movie ticket in one, a snacks he loves in the next and so on. Consider the things he likes. You need to assure that these to weeks he will never forget in his entire life.

  1. Party party!

Throw a party for him! Invite all his friends and then enjoy all night long boozing and dancing. Most probably he must have told you that he doesn’t like fancy parties and social gatherings. And he just wants to spend time with you. Although he might just be saying it now, but a surprise party will actually take him by surprise. He would definitely be thrilled about the party. This is one of the best gifts one can think to give to their boyfriends. You need to be extra cautious that no friends of his spoils the surprises by letting him know in advance. Try to have the party at a neutral place, like a friend’s place or a pub.

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  1. Love notes everywhere!

Leave all kinds of love letters around his place. Try to express your love by doing these little things everyday. It should not just turn up for a single day or a week. Every day is an opportunity to show he is the one for you and you love him to the moon and back. One of the cutest surprises is to prepare little love notes for him and put it all over his apartment. Once he arrives home and finds it around, he will be awestruck by the love you presented to him. You can even put one or two in his back pockets of his laptop bag and he might see it at work, then give a smile of relief and love that your love is still young and happening.

  1. Best romantic bubble bath!

Intimacy is what makes you happy and secure. It makes you feel the most loved person. Surprising your guy is quite easy as it will just take a little effort to make him happy. This might prove to be the hottest surprises if your guy is a workaholic and travels a lot. All the tension will be released by the hot and steamy bath you can take together. Fill up the bathtub with warm water, light up some candles in the bath room and fill up some bubbles. You can even put rose petals to fill the path and in the bathtub. Once he reaches him, call him for a bath. He will be taken by a surprise by looking at the atmosphere and you waiting for him in the bathtub. A relaxing bath will make both the partners very happy.

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  1. Get him his best gadget!

Let’s face this that all men love gadgets and some even love it more than others! If your guy is into electronics, you should get him what he’s been looking for in a while now. One of the best gifts could be play station of i pad or i phone for your guy, whatever he likes the most.

  1. Shower him with love and affection

You don’t need much of the ideas to surprise your guy. Just be yourself and shower him with all the affection he needs. It’s his day and he deserves to get all the hugs he’s been craving for. Show your dedicated love and take him by surprise. Try experimenting with your making love. Don’t just let him go and try to sneak up on him. Just hug the world out of him. Hugs are one thing which can soften the soul of a man. Men love surprises, be it the romantic, cute or fun ones, whatever they might be, it’s your idea and you do it all by yourself and with all your heart.

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So, go ladies and plan the best day of your guy’s life. That one day should multiply all his life and he will be thankful that he got you all by himself. Just be yourself and shower all the love to him that he deserves. These are the best ideas which will help you to surprise your man and make it a memorable one!