12 Things That Make You A Stalker

Things That Make You A Stalker
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Things That Make You A Stalker

Old boyfriends, a new neighbour or that intern at work – surely all you women have got a taste of stalking! But what happens when the tables are turned and you are in that intern’s place while your handsome crush is in yours?

He is good-looking, well dressed, speaks impeccably – in short you worship him! You want to know him, his plans for the day, his personality, his likes and dislikes, his friends and family, his ex-girlfriend, his car number, his work place, his favourite restaurant… hold on lady! You are obsessing about him! Before you get a chance to see him on a date, you’ll scare him away with all the stalking. Yes, stalking!

Here are some things you will end up doing in your ‘lovestruck mode’ which will make him think you are a stalker-

  1. Behaving like his fan on social media

It goes without saying that you’ve added him on all social media sites and your desktop always has his Facebook page or twitter handle open. You will like all his status updates, his photographs, share posts he shares. Not only ‘likes’ but you will also comment on them in order to catch his attention. You can keep checking for a reply to your comment every few minutes, because the guy on the other hand is going to think you have nothing better to do in life.

  1. Coaxing mutual friends talk about him

You try and find out all the friends you have in common or those who know him and badger them with questions about him. The only topic you wish to speak on is this guy and his life. Beware, your friends are going to get tired of the endless curiosity you have about your new-found-crush!

  1. Getting close to his family

Suddenly you will find that you are visiting his house in all your spare time. You try to become best friends with his sister and build a relationship with his parents. It is commendable that you are making an effort to bond with his family, but if this is happening just a few weeks after you’ve known each other, the guy will definitely get freaked out.

  1. Becoming a regular at his work place

You’ll be thrilled when you find out that his place of work is easily accessible because that means you can see more often! If you know the guy works at a store or bank, you will tend to find reasons to go visit that place daily! You will become such a frequent visitor that the security guards will also recognise you soon and obviously, the guy will start getting awkward.

  1. Constantly calling him & texting him

After you’ve managed to get his contact number, you will call him daily to ask him how he is doing and making small talk. Even if the replies are not favourable, you will text him asking questions in an attempt to continue conversation. With the phone perpetually buzzing with your messages and calls, the guy will definitely get fed up of you and start ignoring you!

  1. Asking people if he’s into you

It is obvious you are meeting your girlfriends to discuss your handsome hunk! But if you are going to think that every small action is a sign, debate whether he feels for you and ask every one you meet what they think – you are behaving quite crazy! The only thought running in your mind is the guy and his moves and whether he’s into you – red alert! You are clearly obsessing!

  1. Always available

You answer his call within two rings and meet him whenever he asks to. For instance, he needs a ride to work, a companion to watch an action movie, someone to pick up some dinner while he gets home and who does he think of – you! Don’t feel happy assuming he wishes to spend time with you. He does this because you are always at his beck and call, ready to do anything for him.

  1. Testing him

When you are out in a group with him, you ask other girls about what they think about him or ask a girl friend to hit on him to see how he reacts – all this just to test him and his loyalty. These tricks will drive him away to the farthest corner to stop doing it!

  1. Ask him on a date despite rejections

You’ve asked him out a couple of times, but he has said he’s busy. Since you haven’t heard back from him, you pursue him more and ask him out again ignoring the previous rejections. Well, it is great to be perseverant, but in the right aspects of life. Don’t behave like a desperate woman who can’t get a date.

  1. Taking up his favourite activities

Your crush is into swimming, you will go shopping for a sexy costume and start visiting the pool he swims at; he likes watching football, you will read up all the news in the football world only to strike up a conversation with him; he enjoys pets and even to you can’t stand them, you get yourself a puppy dog hoping that will get him closer to you – these are all examples telling you that you are crossing the line and behaving nuts just to grab this guy’s attention.

  1. Driving by his house

Every day after work you take a detour and pass his house just to get a glimpse of him or take a walk around his neighbourhood hoping to bump into him and have a small chat. When you haven’t bumped into him, you’ll while away some time, but that guy has already noticed you taking five rounds down the same lane and recognised the stalker in you.

  1. Visiting his favourite hand-outs

Now that you are stalking him on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve found out all his favourite hangout joints and restaurants. So every time you decide to step out, you will find yourself driving to all those places, praying to see him there!

No doubt you are head over heels for this guy and your heart is filled with so much affection, however, you need to stop behaving like a desperate lady who has no life and no identity. It is important that you take your space and give some too or else you will see your castle of dreams fall apart since no guy is going to take stalking well.