Things You should not sacrifice for a Relationship


Things You should not Sacrifice for a Relationship

In present time being in a relationship with someone is both Cool and Trendy these days. We will find many people who will sacrifice everything just to be in relationship with that One Person. It is no harm in giving so much importance to that One Person but it is also not right to sacrifice everything just to protect your relationship. Giving your ‘Hundred Percent’ does not mean to ruin your ‘Self Worth.’ Nothing is more important than ones own Worth. We all need to stop ‘Attaching Hopes’ from that One Person who will not cross one puddle for you. This is because “There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you.” Hence, we should think twice before we decide to sacrifice certain things just to save one relationship.

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Things You should not sacrifice for a Relationship -likelovequotes

Never Make a Sacrifice….

Who says that a Relationship demands a Sacrifice to keep it going? Who says that making more compromises will help you preserve your relationship? All these notions are incorrect. You need to wake up from your ‘Ignorant sleep’ and start ‘Disbelieving’ them. Instead you should work on strengthening your relationship.

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One of the most essential thing that we should not sacrifice for anyone is ‘Dignity.’ We really should preserve our relationship by not sacrificing our dignity for anyone. A person who will be dignified in every sense would surely understand how important it is for you. Never allow someone to cross his limits which may in turn put you in trouble.

The most common mistake we all commit as soon as we get involved with someone is we start to ‘Ignore’ our Family and Friends. We are not saying that you do it intentionally. But this happens automatically. We get so involved with that One Person that we tend to avoid others in front of him. To avoid this, you need to work in order to find out how you can establish a balance. the balance between Family, Friends and Your Someone Special.

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Sometimes, it is found that girls date a man who can be considered as a ‘Male Chauvinist’. These men are of the notion that they are superior to women in every sense. So, if any of you are dating one such ‘Not So Superior Man’, you need to understand that you should not let him ‘Curb Your Freedom’ He does not deserve a slightest sacrifice from you. Instead try harder to achieve your Goals and Dreams

Self Respect or Self Worth, whatever you may call it, is important to preserve it in every sense. This is because if  your Someone Special can’t respect you and your feelings even you should not make such big compromises for him. Hence, never allow anyone to make you feel inferior.

Thus, dear readers you need to understand that a ‘Real Relationship will never demand you to ‘Fake things’ But you need to understand that sacrificing things does not show how ‘Selfless’ you are but it shows How ‘Selfish’ is your Partner.