Things You Should Not Compromise In A Relationship


Things You Should Not Compromise In A Relationship

Are in a Relationship with someone? Is it going through a rough phase? What are the things you should not Compromise being a relationship? These are some of the questions which keep on coming in our mind. Are you too looking for the answers of such questions? All we can say is that the answers lie within you. Yes, you read it right it is you who knows how to keep your relationship going. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Nothing is more important than your Self Worth. Hence, try not to compromise your happiness and worth at any point of time in a relationship.

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Are You Ready To Make A Compromise For A Relationship?

The above question is appropriate in every sense. Is it really a good idea to compromise certain essential things to keep the relationship going? Are you one of those who can happily make certain compromises to keep the relationship going? Dear reader, you need to think twice before reaching to any conclusion. According to me, it is on two different lines we need to think about. First, there are compromises which me ourselves make  keeping in mind the good of our relationship. Second, there are certain compromises which we are bound to make forcefully keeping aside our own will. Therefore, it is your own choice as to which compromises you should make keeping your head high. This is because nothing is more important that your self worth!

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We too understand that there are times when you have to make a compromise with the situation. But making a sacrifice does not mean that you should sacrifice your self respect. It is very essential to understand that giving yourself some importance does not mean you are self centered or egoistic. Being an egoistic person is completely different thing. A person who brings Ego in a relationship will find no ways to mend his relationship. Hence, there is a thin line between being an egoistic person and being a person who maintains his self respect.

Thus, all you need to understand that a person who finds it difficult to think about your own happiness, choices, wishes and desires will never understand and appreciate your compromises for keep the relationship going. Therefore, you need to be wise enough before letting someone to take you for granted and exploit you.