Things You Must Look Into When He/She is Apologizing


Things You Must Look Into When He/She is Apologizing

“I am sorry” , “I am sorry, but..” look at the two different methods of apologizing. Did you understand the difference?? Well, if your partner comes to you and starts apologizing for his/her actions it’s a good sign indeed but, have you considered some of these basics facts while judging their apology?? Saying sorry is very easy, but, meaning it from the bottom of your heart is where the difference lies. So, below are some of the things you must consider when they are saying SORRY.

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Things You Must Look Into When He/She is ApologizingThings You Must Look Into When He/She is Apologizing

  1. The putting the blame on your partner types

They are those types who are apologizing for their fault but are actually putting the blame on you. Thus, they are saying sorry only for the sake of dissolving the matter and not to understand their fault. For example- “I am sorry but, you too never…”.
This simply shows you are actually trying to put the blame on your partner and keep your ego ahead.

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2. Trying to defend themselves

Very simple, “I am sorry, you know it was not my fault and due to the alcohol I..” . So, you want us to believe that it was the alcohol! Ok, we believe you, but, why you drank like a thirsty crow inspite of knowing you would behave this awkward?? Why??

3. Being the boss even while saying sorry.

You might the CEO of a very well established company, but, not while you are apologizing for your mistake. For example, “I am sorry but hey! You should feel the same too”, honey, please keep your bossy shoes outside, and apologize with meaning.

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4. Check this one! they are the best among the lot

“Jesus Christ! Please for god sake I swear on god,it was not my fault and I am sorry”, they are the one who has God as their all time proxy. No matter what the situation be, “I swear on my god” will be their ultimate response. Well, if you are so much sure, why to bring god in between?? I mean, what is it, is it a way to make people believe that YOU HAVE THE POWER OF GOD! Please, let god live and stop this age-old nuisance of swearing to god all the time. And by the way, it is “I swear to god” not “I SWEAR ON GOD”. God would not die because of your false promise but he will surely die after seeing such grammatical errors.

Well, friends, countrymen and my beloved #Lovequotes lover, these were some of the points you must notice and consider while considering an apology. Never stoop down or demean your self-value for anyone, and especially for those to whom apology simply means just another way of justifying their self-esteem and their ego, which at times are simply wrong for both of us.

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Things You Must Look Into When He/She is Apologizing

“I am sorry” might sound just like another simple word with an adjective, but, to some these few words are their meaning of life, something like they have been waiting to hear from you and this is all they want to hear. Don’t be sorry just for the sake of being sorry, apologize only if you feel your mistake. Life is beautiful, don’t make it a messed up situation for anyone. You have no idea how it feels to be sad for those things you haven’t done at all, you have no idea absolutely. Live and let others live in peace.