12 Things Men Never Notice about Women on a Date!


12 Things Men Never Notice about Women on a Date!

Although there are many things that a men notice about women on date, there are some things that he is bound to overlook, considering the simple fact that men and women don’t give equal importance to the same things! Still wondering what are those things men never notice about women on a date? Wait no more…

Here is a list of 12 Things Men Never Notice About Women On A Date:

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 Things Men Never Notice about Women on a Date

New shoes – Things Men Never Notice

Considering the fact that most men buy one or two pairs of shoes at a time and wear them till they’re torn and unusable, it’s understandable that they will not notice the new pair of shoes you’re wearing. Men concentrate on material aspects a little less than women do, usually.

What bag you’re carrying – Things Men Never Notice

Just like shoes, men don’t pay much attention to the bag you’re carrying. Whether it’s a designer clutch or a cool casual handbag, most men think of bags as bags – and nothing else. He’s going to be looking at you anyway, not the bag.

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A new haircut

Unless you point it out, a man usually never notices your new haircut. He might say “There’s something different about how you look today”, but it’s a rare thing for a man to notice exactly what it is that is making you look different. Don’t hold it against him.

Shaven/unshaven legs

Although it is very important to women, men usually don’t notice if you’ve shaved your legs for a date. He’s usually looking straight into your eyes, or talking about something completely different, and something like your legs being shaven or not doesn’t immediately come to his mind, unless you make it too visible to avoid.

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A new shade of lipstick

Lipstick is something that pertains to women only. Thus, even if your new shade of lipstick makes you seem more attractive to your man, he won’t notice why. At least he does think you look better!

New jeans

Just like shoes, men usually have one or two pairs of jeans that they wear till it isn’t possible anymore. Thus, unless you do the same (which is highly unlikely for fashionable women), it will be tough for him to notice the difference between your new jeans and the last pair that he saw you wearing.

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Pet hair on your clothes

Unless it’s a super-formal event where even he has dressed up to the best of his ability, a little dog or cat fur on your clothes (which might be a big deal for you) isn’t something that he’ll notice. Even if he does, there’s a possibility that he’ll find it cool that you have a pet!

No makeup

Although women think this is impossible, a man often cannot tell if you haven’t used makeup. Although many men have been accused of lying about this fact, it truly is a fact! And if you manage to be just as attractive to him even without makeup, it means he thinks you’re truly beautiful!

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Most men, honestly do not even have an idea about what blush is and what it’s used for, so there’s a very very slim chance that he’s going to notice if you’ve used it or not.

You haven’t washed your hair

Eve if you haven’t washed your hair in 3 or 4 days and think that it majorly changes the way you look, a guy will probably not even notice. Some men don’t even notice the difference between how washed and unwashed hair looks!

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Colour coordination

Even if a man is very fashionable, he will hardly ever notice if your clothes, shoes and accessories are colour-coordinated or not. He’s usually too busy noticing your smile and is too involved in conversation and making you laugh, to notice.

What you order

Although you may think it makes a good impression if you order healthy food and don’t drink too much, a man’s usual idea of having a good time is eating and drinking to your heart’s content. So, no, he’s probably not impressed by the fact that you chose a salad and a glass of wine for your date!

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I’m sure these tips will make dating easier for you, so keep in mind that men don’t notice everything that you think they do!

What else do you think you worry about unnecessarily when you go out on a date with a guy? Tell us in the comments section!