11 Things Men Can’t Help But Find Sexy in a Woman!

11 Things Men Can’t Help But Find Sexy in a Woman!

What makes a woman sexy? Well, if this question was put up by another female, I am sure they would come up with more flaws than any complements. However, if we look at it from a man’s point of view, then we will see that it’s the finer things in a woman that make her sexy and alluring. So what are these finer details?

Stated below are the top 11 things that most men find sexy in a woman.

11 Things Men Can't Help But Find Sexy in a Woman

  1. Those mesmerizing eyes!

Remember how in the 90’s (and even now) most songs had their lyrics centered around the idea of beautiful eyes? Well although men have eyes too, but there is always something about the twinkle of your lady’s eye when you cracked her up with your cute goofiness! It’s safe to say that the moment those eyes meet yours, the moment is pure magic. [ Read: Best Ways for Guys To get Her Eyes On You ]

  1. Drama always exists!

The first reaction is that is she smiling at me for real or it’s me day dreaming. The innocent smile can toss million of hearts. We can be all angry with her antics, but the moment she smiles, everything freezes.

  1. Being straight forward!

There is a fine line between being rude and being outspoken. Any girl who speaks her mind is probably confident and courageous, this being such a great quality. But someone who can do that and side by side also respecting other’s feelings is just a catch. Don’t let her go if you find her! [ Read: 11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations! ]

  1. Being possessive!

Okay, so now you both are definitely a thing. But if she still gets jealous when you speak to another girl or someone other than her hits on you, you know she’s possessive. She wants you only for herself and no one else. Look past her crankiness and you’d see it. For us gentlemen, who are mostly accused of being possessive themselves, isn’t this quality just endearing?

Though we call them 24×7 satellites, but boy when she calls, it’s like someone is there for you.

  1. Concern

Let’s face it. We are controlled by women. No shame in admitting that. From our moms to sisters to the WAG’s, at each and every point of our life they are our world. Also, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So, she cannot be always wrong. Yeah clingy behaviour may give you panic attacks sometimes but it’s always good to have someone around. When you are all depressed after being scolded by Dad. She is the one who supports you. [ Read: 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! ]

  1. Trying to enjoy the game we play!

Just for the record, when you girls try to watch an EPL or BPL with us and ask about penalty corners, we are automatically attracted to you. If you are a Spain supporter, you have won us already.

  1. Entertainment package!

So, in the population of billions, go find a girl and enjoy the entertainment offered by her. Having a relationship is like a full spicy movie, that includes Drama, action, romance and thriller. [ Read: Motivational Tips for Introverts and Shy People ]

  1. Decisiveness!

Well, women are often (wrongly) accused of being indecisive. But maybe it’s just because they think and can think a lot more about each and everything. Still a girl who can take her decisions confidently is a keeper! You don’t always have to decide the restaurant, dinner or the drapes for the house! Also for a change, she can pick her own clothes sometimes and wouldn’t that be just fascinating? Girls can be regarded as melancholy, always organized and planning everything. Even when it comes to a relationship. They decide when the hug should be converted in to a kiss and when they want to get intimate. Let’s face it guys, we are always ready for some sweet dish.

  1. Boldness attracts!

Again, outspoken and boldness almost go hand in hand. These qualities are essential in the 21st century if you want to survive this dog-eat-dog world. Who wouldn’t find a girl sexy who is bold enough to ask for your number, right? Bold does not always mean short skirts. We even find a girl in a suit sexy. If someone passes a comment at her, the way she responds is the ultimate key. [ Read: 10 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation]

  1. Confidence

It’s something that makes up a large part of the personality and makes your special girl stand out (if you’re not turned off by confident people). Confident people are diligent, outgoing and they believe in themselves. It can be safely established that the modern 21st century man is only turned on by all of the above qualities. The confidence with which she carries herself and the way she dominates you with words. I would any day prefer a girl who can debate me, rather than one who is always dumbstruck with whatever I say.

  1. The Smile

Well, everyone smiles. We smile everyday at our colleagues (at least the friendly ones), friends and family or anyone who smiles at us. Still if a certain special lady smiles at you, it can be safely admitted that one can’t help but feel the butterflies fluttering in the stomach, right? [ Read: 15 Cute Sayings for Him ]

Pick out the girl of your dreams who possesses some of these qualities or all of them (only if you’re lucky!).