Things Men Do that Force Women to Cheat on Them

Things Men Do that Force Women to Cheat on Them

If a person cheats on their partner, it is their fault. There is no excuse for being dishonest to your partner and cheating on them. Having said that, there could be a few instances in which your partner forces you to cheat on them. All of us have some expectations from our partners. If you do not get the kind of love or attention which you expect to get from your partner, you do feel disappointed. You pine for love and finally, seek comfort in somebody else’s arms. There are certain cases in which both the individuals need to share the blame for either of them to cheat and being unfaithful in the relationship. [ Read: Cheating Signs – Signs He Is Cheating On You ]

Things Men Do that Force Women to Cheat on Them

Here are a few things men do that force women to cheat on them:

  1. Possessiveness

A relationship must help you grow as a person and your partner should give you wings to fly. Being possessive means curbing your partner’s freedom and invading in their space. Both of you are in a relationship and have certain obligations towards each other and are answerable to one another. But, that does not mean you will dominate her and make her feel that you control her. [ Read: 9 Practical Ways to Rebuild Trust after You’ve Cheated


  1. Trust issues

Trust is a very important part of a relationship. If you do not trust her unconditionally, your relationship would not last for long.  It takes a long time to build trust and it could break only in a few seconds. If you do not trust her even without her doing anything that would have made you to do so, then there is something wrong with you. If you have some genuine concerns address them to her and have a healthy conversation about it. You must sort out things and not let these issues bring the curtain down on your relationship.

  1. Insecurity

If trust is something that holds two people in a relationship together, being insecure is the first sign of the relationship coming to an end. Insecurities are of various kinds. You could be insecure about your partner leaving you or you could anticipate some other fault in the relationship. All of us feel insecure at some or various junctures in the relationship. You must not let these insecurities penetrate deep into your psyche and let go of them. [ Read: 11 Truthful Reasons Why Women #Cheat So Easily ]

  1. Complexes

If you are someone who is not happy with the way he looks, the financial standing he has or are not comfortable in your skin, you are suffering from inferiority complex. Then, there is superiority complex in which you think yourself to be superior to everyone around you. Having either of these complexes is not a healthy sign and you must try to display normal behavior. Be humble and grateful for what you have. You must think of your partner as being equal to you. Do you expect her to respect you when you do not respect her enough? Even if you are a better (or worse) position than your partner, you should not let this thought come in the way of your relationship.

  1. Do not open up

If you are in a relationship, you are expected to open up to your partner. You should share your feelings – joy, anger, sorrow, fears etc. with your partner. Even if you are an introvert, you must let your partner know what is going on inside your mind. Do not hide your emotions from them. They are the ones who will emphasize with you. If you do not open up, she will feel a certain emotional disconnect with you and would not want to share her feelings either. [ Read: 18 Powerful Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner! ]

  1. No intimacy

After you become very comfortable with your partner, the desire to get intimate is something that kicks in naturally. She wants it as much as you do but doesn’t approve of it for some reason, you shy away from getting involved with her physically, she is bound to get upset. You could be a shy person or someone who likes to take things slowly but you must not disregard her needs and wants. Taking things very slowly is not a good thing in a relationship. It is a very organic process and you should not shy away from taking the plunge at the right time.

  1. You take her for granted

Just because she loves you, you cannot treat her the way you want to and cheat her. When someone loves us, we tend to take them for granted. If you realize the fact that you are taking her for her granted, you must stop doing it now. Respect her and make her feel that you love her as much as she does. Sometimes, you do not even realize when you stop paying attention to them. Once you have spent a substantial amount of time with them, you stop spending enough time with them and do not take care of them as much as you do earlier. If she feels that you do not care for her any more, she will not want to be with you and look for love elsewhere. [ Read: Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even if They are in a Relationship ]

There can be no excuse for cheating on your partner.  If your partner’s behaviour is compelling you to move out of the relationship or be with someone else, then inform your partner about the same. There is no need of doing it on the sly. You should be honest about it and keep everyone around in the loop. If you cheat on your partner, they will figure it out soon.