Things Gradually Ruins Long Distance Relationship


Things Gradually Ruins Long Distance Relationship

Love knows no bounds and boundaries. This is because love conquers all. It is a feeling which gradually develops within us for someone. Love is that feeling which takes us to another world. The presence of that Someone Special makes Life Beautiful. There are many people who are seen to be in a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP.’Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder isn’t it? This gradually makes us realize that distance simply means ‘Separation in Place not in Connections’ Heart remains connected. Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you wonder about the things which may gradually ruin your relationship with your Partner? Let’s have a look on the things that can gradually destroy your relationship.

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Things That Destroys Relationships

There are many people who believe that when there is Love between two people, distance makes no difference. It is the feeling of love which keeps them connected always and forever. But it is partially correct. No wonder! the mutual feeling of love keeps the relationship intact but you need to be careful in finding out problems or situations that might create a rift between you both.

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Misunderstanding can be the root cause for ruining your wonderful relationship with our  partner. When we get indulge in a relationship with someone, it will definitely undergo different phases. Someday it will be beautiful and Someday it will be Dull. This shift comes in a relationship because of the Misunderstandings and Confusions. Moreover, we let these confusions Grow and as a result it ruins our relationship.

Ego stands second in line for playing its role in destroying the relationship. We let our Ego destroy the relation. Sometimes our Ego becomes so big that we let it murder our Beautiful relationship. Never let your Ego act as ‘Destroyer.’ Try to take the first move this is because it can really preserve your relationship.

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Suspicion too stands third in the line as one of the reason which ruins the relationship. As soon as the ‘Seed of Doubt’ germinates in the mind of the partner, it spoils the entire relationship. This seed of doubt germinates in the relationship because no one makes an effort to clear the misunderstanding and the confusion of the other partner.

Thus, in the end it can be said that when we are in a long distance relationship with someone it becomes important for both the partners to make an ‘Extra Effort’ whenever they find that their relationship is going through a hard phase. A ‘Little Effort’ to save the relationship from both ‘The Ends’ will prevent it from ‘Ending’ and take it to a New Beginning