Things Girls Say Vs. What They Actually Mean


Things Girls Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

No wonder it is hard to understand women. This is because mostly they say something else and than what they actually mean. Men really need to master the art of patience to talk to girls because they never say what they actually mean. is here to help you understand the hidden meanings in the sentences uttered by girls. Hence, it is true women are the most complicated beings on this earth. It is difficult to find meaning to what they say and what they not say.

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Things Girls Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

What Girls Say and What They Actually Mean

Here are some of the common things women say but they really mean something else. Let’s find out, Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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1 When They say “It’s Fine:
When they that they are fine or its fine with them. You should not take much time in noticing the fact that something is not really right with them. This is because their fine means that nothing is actually fine.

2 I Want a Guy Who Makes Me Laugh:
What they actually mean by this is that they want a guy who is hot and have an amazing personality. And they won’t mind if he makes them laugh.

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3 I have nothing to wear:
Can you really believe this? No, girl on this earth will ever say that I have ample of things to wear. What they will say that they have nothing to wear in the evening party. Don’t really get trapped in this.

4 Alright, then Have Fun:
When a girl say this you need to know that this is not what she actually mean. Never make a mistake to think that the conversation is coming an end and everything is so perfect with her. But what she really trying to convey is that you need to continue to talk to her instead of keeping the call.

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Thus, girls are not easy to understand. You need to invest more time in order to know them. They believe that boys should even understand those things what they are not saying. Hence, such behaviour of them makes them more complicated.