Things Girls Say When They Don’t Really Like You


Things Girls Say When They Don’t Really Like You

It is true that girls are not easy to understand. Men require time to understand them. It is hard to interpret whether they really like you or not. is here to help you know some of the indications that your girl does not really like you anymore. All you need  to do is to keep scrolling and keep reading the article. Girls may not articulate what they really mean but they indicate through various gestures that you are not really of her type. Therefore, you need to maintain distance from her.

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Things Girls Say When They Don't Really Like You

What Girls Say When They Don’t Really Like You.

There are many things or ways the girls adopt to tell the boys that they are not enjoying his company and want them to stay away from them Want to know about it? Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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1 I am Already in a Committed Relationship:
This is the most common way that a girl adopts to avoid men around her. If she does not want to interact with someone she always reason that she is already in a committed relationship with someone. This highlights her dislike for you.

2 Never Picks Your Call:
Another important sign that the girl not really likes you is that she keeps avoiding your call. You will notice that whenever you will call her she will not answer your calls. This tells you that she is not at all interested in talking to you.

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3 She Says She was Busy: T
he next common excuse every girl makes to avoid a guy is that she was busy in some other tasks. This can be true sometimes but mostly it is used as an excuse to ignore you.

4 When They Say We can Be Good Friends:
Here comes the biggest excuse girls say to convey that they don’t really like you is We can be good friends and nothing more. But the real thing is that they can’t really be friends with you. It is mere an excuse to end a conversation with you.

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Thus, following are the things every girl say to convey that they don’t really like you anymore.