Things Every Guy should Know about Girls

Girl Things Every Guy should Know about

Girl Things Every Guy should Know about

Being a guy, you must be familiar with the thought process of guys or the way they think. Even though you have spent a substantial amount of time with girls, you do not seem to understand them fully well. It is very important to understand a girl if you are not interested in her. There are certain traits and attributes that are common in girls. If you figure them out you will find it easier to communicate with them and understand them. [ Read: Things You Need to Know When You are Living Alone ]

What kind of guys do they like?

Most of us tend to believe that girls are more attracted towards bad boys. They would, any day, choose a biker stud with an attitude over a simple and sweet fellow. That is not entirely true. Different girls have different choices and thus, it would be not right to assume that they have just one type or are interested in similar kind of guys. There are some girls who likes bad guys and there are some who prefer a warm and nice guy. Then, there are other kinds as well. Every person is unique and has a personality that is different from the rest. There is no reason why you should feel insecure or incompetent about yourself. You should be confident of your abilities and should project yourself the way you are. The one thing that every girl looks for in a guy is genuineness. If you fake it or pit up a façade, they will get to know about it. The girl whom you are so fond of might not like you. That does not mean you will change yourself to impress her. You cannot lose yourself to be with someone. And, nobody wants you to do that either. You must remember there are all kinds of girls around. Hence, you must look for someone who would love you and appreciate you for what you are. Do not get disheartened if you face rejection. There is someone made for everyone. You just need to find her. [ Read: 10 Essential Things All Newly Weds Must Know ]

Inferiority complex

A lot of guys suffer from inferiority complex, more so when they feel that the girl they like is way out of their league. You must have often heard people saying that there must be equality between two people who get into a relationship. They must have the same status in society and what not. While a lot of people give importance to these things, a lot of young people do not. They have a broader outlook towards life and do not judge a person because of his wealth, status, looks etc. In the present times, the lines that divide people belonging to different social or financial groups has blurred. The young generation does not follow outdated beliefs and ideas. Do not get conscious or think yourself to be inferior if the girl you like is wealthier or more attractive than you. These things do not matter. The connect that you have with someone is all that matters. You should fall in love with someone for the right reasons. Yes, some do get drawn towards people because of their status, wealth or personality but a relationship is not built on these things. Once the attraction phase gets over, your nature is what holds on to the relationship together. A relationship is built on trust, faith and honesty. A girl expects her guy to be loyal and committed to her. If you truly love the girl, you should also have the courage to confess it to her. Do not get daunted by the fear of rejection. Whatever has to happen will happen but you have to give it a try. It is important that you let her know that you are interested in her. If she does not know you are interested or if she does not find you enthusiastic enough to take things forward, she would not want to talk to you. [ Read: How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me? ]

Understanding them

It is a myth that girls are difficult to understand. An individual can be complicated or simple regardless of his/her gender. To assume that every guy or girl is complicated or simple would be silly. No two human beings can be completely similar. You should not jump to conclusions before taking some time to know someone well. Even if a girl seems complicated and difficult to figure out, you must try to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. Come on to it and think, if she would be that easy to figure out, you would probably not be interested in her. It may take a lot of time and effort to understand her but it will be worth it. Before you date a girl, it is important to have a good understanding of the way the mind of a girl functions. Having a deeper insight into their thoughts always helps.