“I Will Be There Forever”- Promises To My Future Spouse


“I Will Be There Forever”- Promises To My Future Spouse

Marriages are made in heaven, your spouse or partner has already been decided and it will be a perfect match. So, why the number of divorce lawyers is having a good time, lately?? Why the situation has transformed from “I promise to be by your side till my last breathe” to “I promise to be there until I get bored”; why??People are not thinking for a second before tying that knot, the ring exchange ceremony is more filled with “The Solitaire show off”.

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People are spending lakhs and crores on their wedding, but after a span of 1 year or less, they are spending that equal amount to hire a lawyer. What’s the use of taking those vows and those promises, if you can’t understand each other’s voices??Below is a list of promises one can make to their future partner and abide to follow them.

"I Will Be There Forever"- Promises To My Future Spouse

1/To be there forever- No matter how rough the roads be

A very simple promise and I guess we say this almost every time to our loved one’s, through SMS and facebook chats. But when the situation becomes more serious or more real, this promise kind of loses its originality. We forget how it all started and by the time we gain our consciousness, the game is already over. So, start with the basic promise and be there beside your spouse. Understand them and if you both love each other with your heart, I am sure things will be in their own circumstances eventually.

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2/To understand each other’s problem and deal with them

This is a very important promise and is actually in continuation to the previous one. One has to understand his/her spouse, and you might ask what if the understanding is only from one side?? Well, in that case first try to know why is your partner behaving like that. Is there any reason, is there anything which had offended them?? What is it exactly, try to sort it out! I won’t suggest any examples here as nobody knows what the problems can be. So, first listen, think and then react.

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3/To never disrespect each other’s decisions- both career wise and other aspects

Truly and wholeheartedly, criticizing each other for their job or career decision is a strict NO NO. I mean, it’s the generation where both the husband and the wife contributes equally to their family. Never disregard your spouse if she is working late in the office or fails to deliver your child’s homework on time. Be each other’s hand and support each other. Remember, if a man is physically stronger, then a woman is equally stronger on the emotional side. They have a backbone of steel and can stand like a rock to protect her family. So, respect each other in every phase of the life, listen to what she has to say and also what he has to say.

4/ I promise to be yours and only yours- both physically and emotionally

I think the emotions here are clear like the water. One has to know where to draw a line. When your spouse comes late from the office, there should not be any confusion about a third person, it should be free from the shadows of anything THIRD. I mean, there has to be a deadline and it should not be crossed by any. One should never lose his/her identity. Those petty attractions are only for a fraction of second and the reality is not the one that is alluring you. You got my point??

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5/I promise to be the best son/daughter to my in-laws

Though I have mentioned this point in number 5, one should always keep this point in their mind all the time. When you are marrying your love or your spouse, you are actually marrying his/her entire family. And, though it may sound comical, but if you think closely, marriage is a bond which makes two families into one. So, you have to always be good and loyal to your in-laws.

"I Will Be There Forever"- Promises To My Future Spouse

Life is a mixture of GOOD and BAD. Never let the bad overcome good or conquer your happiness, be a soldier, a warrior and fight for your families happiness. Promises can be made and broken easily, nobody will punish you for that, but, reality says marriage is a commitment, a bond of trust, which if nurtured will grow into a beautiful garden. And if, allowed to decay, can ruin the entire garden too. So, the choice is in your hand, good or bad. *PEACE*