The Texting And Follow-Up Guide After A Great First Date

The Texting And Follow-Up Guide After A Great First Date

The Texting And Follow-Up Guide After A Great First Date

You went out on a date with someone for the first time and it turned out to be great. So, what next? Most people think that one needs to plan carefully and muster a lot of confidence before going out on a date with a person for the first time. That is true, but people often, after a successful first date, get confused about their next step. They have no idea as to what they should so next. This confusion often stops them from taking things forward and setting the ball rolling. You need to follow the first date with several things that would lead towards you getting into a relationship with that person. [ Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner


These days, most youngsters prefer staying in touch through text messages. Being busy has turned out to be fashionable. So, people prefer texting over talking to each other through the telephone. After you have dropped off your date, send them a text message. You must let them know that this date is the first of the many dates to come and they should see this as a beginning.  Tell them that you enjoyed spending time with them and cannot wait to go out with them again. Talk about the things which you liked about the date and why it turned out to be a memorable experience for you. Ask them whether they enjoyed being with you as much as you did. You might have had a blast on the date but it is important to know whether they share the same sentiments or not. You must get in touch with them through messages soon, as leaving a gap in between could lessen the intensity of the feelings they have for you. Sending text messages on a regular basis will keep them reminded of you.  Both of you have gone out on a date just once. So, it is imperative that you do everything to make sure that they think of you often. [ Read: What to do When You Sent a Sexy Text to Someone Else ]

While text messaging is very important, you must be careful enough not to send any message that contains material that could irritate, bore or offend them. Refrain from sending messages containing double entendre as they could get offended by them. Remember, they are just getting to know you. There are certain lines you cannot cross at this stage. Also, do not send cheesy messages. Over-the-top one liners and PJs are passé. Send original messages that would reflect your thoughts and would convey your feelings towards them.

Apart from texting, here are a few things you could do to follow up your first date:

  1. Fix the date

You should not go too fast but if you think that your partner is very happy the way the first date turned out to be, then do not waste any time and fix the next date. If the two of you happen to be extremely busy individuals, then it becomes all the more important to book a date days in advance. After you decide the date, stay in touch and keep reminding your partner about the date. Do not let it slip away from their mind. Do not get disappointed if there is some time for the date. Do not get impatient and wait for that day to come. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

  1. Send flowers

Sending flowers is an old-fashioned but extremely effective way of making your partner happy. Send them bouquets in large numbers the next day. Attach a card with the bouquet of flowers and pen down a heart-warming message on it. Do not go elaborate. Write something short and sweet that they would remember for some time. Send them flowers which you know they like.

  1. Weekend getaway

Instead of going out on a date for the second time, you could plan something more special. Going out to a place nearby for the weekend would give you ample time to know each other and spend some beautiful moments together.  A weekend getaway is more special than a date as it could give you a lot more time and opportunities to explore each other. A date, in a way, restricts things to a particular space and time. You cannot ask a stranger go out with you for a weekend. But, after you have had your first date and have got to know each other well, you could then go a step forward and ask the person to accompany you on a weekend trip. [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

  1. Introduce you to your friends and family

If you are really interested in them, then you should make them an important part of your life. The simplest way in which you can make them feel so is by introducing them to your friends and family. That will give them an impression that you consider them to be an integral part of your life. You introduce someone to your friends and family only when you are serious about them and do not mind them meeting your kith and kin. You could also ask them to introduce you to their friends and family. It will lend a sense of belonging between both of you.

Most people do not know how to take things forward after the first date. They want to go out on a second date and meet them more often but do not know how to do it. If your first date has tuned out to be success then there is no reason you why you should feel under-confident about taking things forward. Follow these simple steps to make your way through your loved one’s heart.