The Story Of A Perfect Couple

The Story Of A Perfect Couple

The Story Of A Perfect Couple

David looked at his watch. It was 7:50 a.m. and Anna had not yet arrived.

‘Hey David!’, somebody screamed from behind.

It was Anna, waving her right hand while she controlled the handle of the scooter with her left hand.

‘Hi, sorry I am late. Remember, I had told you my cousins would be coming. We stayed up till 4 ‘o clock and kept chatting. Because of that, I woke up late and…’ she said apologetically when David intervened.

‘It’s okay. Now ride fast or else we would be late for college’, David said with a smile. [ Read: 10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City Post-College ]

‘Cool. Hop on,’ Anna flashed a bright smile.

David adjusted himself on the pillion and they both rode off to college.

‘Hi David! Hello Anna,’ they were greeted by numerous students as soon as they entered the college campus.

David and Anna had been dating each other since the first year of college and they were one of those couples for whom relationship was serious business and wanted to stay together throughout their lifetime. They were the ideal couple. The perfect couple.

‘See, we reached on time,’ Anna said. [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer ]

‘Take a bow, Madam,’ David replied in mock respect and both of them laughed.

‘What class do we have now?’, asked Anna

‘Economics,’ David replied.

‘Oh, I have not finished my assignment’

‘Don’t worry. You need to submit the assignment by Friday. You have three days.’

‘I am sure you have completed yours.’

‘Umm, yes I have’ [ Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For Couples ]

‘Then, you have to help me with my assignment,’ Anna said and nudged his elbow.

‘Of course, I will,’ David promised with a smile.

‘Hey David! The scholarship results will be out tomorrow,’ informed Gwen as soon both of them entered the class.

‘What?’ David asked with a look of horror on his face.

The college provided a scholarship to a student every year which helped the student securing a seat in a foreign university with half of their expenses covered. He would also be provided with internship programmes which would help him in covering the rest of his expenses. Examinations were held for the same. While everybody appeared for the exams, only a handful of them were hopeful of securing a scholarship. Some did not care and for some, it was a far-fetched dream. [ Read: Just Another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

The last couple of years had been tough for David. His father passed away when he was 15. After that, his mother and he were surviving on the pension they received. David and his mother take tuition classes in spare time. Even with the earnings from the tuition classes, they barely make ends meet.

Winning the scholarship would enable David to fulfill his dreams and would eventually lead him towards living a more privileged, secure life. Securing the scholarship was a necessity for him.

‘What happened, bro? What are you thinking?’ asked Gwen snapping him out of his thoughts.

‘Nothing, bro. I am worried about the results,’ David said in a serious tone. [ Read: Timeless Love – Story ]

‘Why are you worried? I am sure you will get the scholarship. You are the college topper.’

‘Thank you for your encouraging words,’ David replied with a smile. ‘Aren’t you hopeful of winning the scholarship?’

‘No, man. Scholarships are for bright students like you. Lesser mortals like me can’t even win a scholarship in their dreams.’

‘Okay, enough of your drama. Let’s get to our seats,’ David said and laughed.

‘I am sure you will get the scholarship, David,’ Anna assured him as they settled themselves in a corner of the canteen.

‘You want me to send me away to a foreign country? Away from you?’ David asked teasingly.

‘I want to you to be with me all the time but after you build a career for yourself and fulfill your dreams, we can get married and stay together forever.’ [ Read: True story of love, promises and search ]

‘And meet your parents?’

‘Yes, that too’.

Anna’s father was a wealthy businessman who ran a supermarket in the city. There was a huge divide between their families as far as their financial position was concerned. David knew that unless he does something with his life and get a good financial standing, Anna’s parents would not approve of their relationship.

The next day, David and his mom performed a small prayer as they both prayed for him to get the scholarship. David, then walked down to the main road where Anna was already waiting for him. [ Read: A cute short-story : Blind Love ]

 ‘Don’t worry. I am sure things will work out in your favour,’ Anna said optimistically.

‘We will get to know soon enough,’ David said and hopped on to the scooter.

Upon reaching college, David was greeted with congratulatory messages.  It took him a while to realize that he has won the scholarship.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as the realization sunk in. Anna gave him a tight hug. Being a shy person, David would get embarrassed by PDAs but at this moment, he did not care as to what the crowd surrounding them thought.

A small function was organized to felicitate David and honour him on his achievements. Even though David had won a scholarship, Anna could see a sense of worry looming over David’s face.

‘What is the matter, David? You look worried,’ enquired Anna as they drove back on the scooter.

‘Wha…No! I just won the scholarship. Why should I be tensed?’, David said in a defensive manner.

‘How many times have I told you that you are terrible at hiding your feelings?’, Anna remarked.

There was a pause for a moment before David spoke again. [ Read: The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell ]

‘Actually…Well, the thing is that I have to arrange some money as it would take me a while to find a part time job there. I need the money to cover my expenses till I find a job,’ David said hesitatingly.

The scooter came to a halt. David got down from the vehicle as he realized the scooter had stopped near the by-lane which leads to his house.

‘Anna, I must go now. Will call you in…’

‘David, did you check your phone today?’

‘I checked it in the morning.’

‘Text messages?’

‘There are some unread messages. Why do you ask?’

‘Anna took a long breath and then said ‘Please check all your messages’

David was a little confused but he opened his inbox and started reading the messages. His expression remained unchanged as he browsed through the unread messages until his eyes came remain transfixed at a particular message. He looked visibly shocked. [ Read: Diary of a girl. Based on a True Story. ]

‘Before you get mad at me, let me explain,’ Anna said raising both her hands in the air.

‘Anna. This is not…,’ David could not complete his sentence as Anna spoke again.

‘Let me explain. Please’

David remained silent as Anna started speaking.

‘When we met in the first year of college, we sort of connected and used to talk about our lives, dreams and…’

‘I know. Please come to the point.’ David said impatiently.

‘You talked about the struggles that you had to go through on a daily basis and how winning the scholarship would change your life. I never had any doubts in your capabilities and knew that you would win the scholarship. I also realized that you would need some money. So, I started saving a part of my pocket money from the first year itself.’

‘And now you have transferred all that money into my account,’ David said in an exasperated voice.

‘Yes,’ Anna replied sheepishly.

‘Anna, how could you do this? I have never borrowed money in my life. I would have figured a way out of this situation.’

‘I know. But, remember, you had said once that as a couple we should be always there for each other and should treat each other as entity?’

‘Yes, I did. But, this is a different matter.’

‘No, it’s not. And, you can buy me all my favourite stuff when you start earning.’ Anna quipped and laughed.

She spoke again, ‘David, after you finish your studies and come back, you will talk to my parents and we will get married. We are not married as yet but we love each other unconditionally. If you were in my place, wouldn’t you have helped me out?’

‘Whatever little I have belongs to you,’ David replied.

‘Exactly! That’s what I am trying to say. We do not owe each other anything. What’s mine is yours. After we get married, will you count as to how much money I spend and what are your expenses? No, right?’

David thought for a while before speaking again. [ Read: True story of love, promises and search ]

‘I know that you were saving money buy yourself a car. I will buy you one once I come back,’ David said.


No ifs and buts’

‘Okay then. OUR car.

‘Yes’,David replied with a smile.

Both of them looked at each other, smiled and then hugged each other.