The Selfish Mother – Every Daughter and Son Must Read This…

The Selfish Mother – Every Daughter and Son Must Read This…

Kylie was a beautiful lady. She was a strong and independent woman. Kylie gave birth to a lovely daughter when she was just twenty. She named her Penny. She was a single Mother who worked and supported herself and her daughter all by herself. She initially lived in a small rented apartment with her daughter. She worked as a salesgirl to support their living. She often had many guys falling for her and asking her out. But she kept refusing each one, one after the other. She struggled through different jobs but kept working day and night so that Penny could go to school and get proper studies. [ Read: 15 Quotes from #Mother to Daughter]

The Selfish Mother - Every Daughter and Son Must Read This...

As Penny grew older, she started asking questions about her father. Kylie knew she that couldn’t avoid her questions for long. She told her that her dad had shifted to Australia for business and would join them back home in few years. [ Read: 15 #Mother and Son Quotes and Sayings


Soon Kylie was well to do and bought her own apartment. She became the marketing head of a reputed firm. She was always busy with work but she made no compromise when it came to Penny. She always gave her enough time. Sometimes even took week offs to help her study. She made sure she never missed a function or a parent – teacher meeting at her daughter’s school. Penny loved her mother a lot and got used to her attention and love.

Many years passed and Kylie was almost 40 now. She was still working every day. Kylie met a guy through her office. His name was Jeff. He was one of the prestigious clients of her company. He was a divorcee and was about 45 years old. They had become good friends. She really liked Jeff but never thought of pursuing him, because of Penny. Penny was studying in the college and was almost twenty years old now. She had a boyfriend whom she told her mother about. Penny started spending more time with her friends and boyfriend and lesser time with Kylie. [ Read: 15 Quotes from Daughter to #Mother]

Kylie used to feel lonely at times but always kept herself free for Penny and didn’t let anyone else enter her life. Jeff had developed a liking for Kylie and had asked her out as well. Kylie kept refusing him with a heavy heart. It didn’t seem to bother Jeff. It took lot of courage for Kylie to deny Jeff because this was the first time in two decades that she actually thought some guy could be a part of her life.

 Jeff often insisted on driving Kylie home from work. One day, Jeff really insisted and Kylie couldn’t deny. So they drove back to her home. Kylie thought Penny might be out with her friends. She invited Jeff in her home for a cup of coffee. As they were having coffee, Penny walked in the hall and saw her mother with a stranger. Kylie introduced him to Penny but Penny didn’t greet him and walked away. Later, after Jeff had gone, Kylie went to Penny’s room to find her sobbing. She was worried and asked her what happened. Penny told Kylie, “You are so selfish. You think I don’t understand that you are dating that guy? Dad will come any time now. You are still seeing that stranger guy. Why are you getting close to him? Don’t you care for me and dad?” Kylie apologized to Penny and said that she will stop never see him ever again. [ Read: An Open Letter From a Single #Mother to her Twin Children]

Everything went back to normal. Except that Kylie ignored Jeff downright and stopped talking to him completely. Jeff knew it was something about Penny and decided to meet up with her. One evening he went to her college and waited at the gate for her. He saw her walking to the gate with her boyfriend. Jeff told her that he needed to talk to her. He took her for a drive and told her that Kylie had been dumped by her high school boyfriend just as she got pregnant by him. After that, he never ever met her. He isolated her. Her dad was a moron and left her mom alone. She never ever dated any guy because she was so busy in raising her daughter. Kylie had sacrificed everything and worked day and night to support them. Don’t you think she deserves some happiness?

Penny had tears in her eyes and thanked Jeff for telling her the truth and opening her eyes. She reached home and saw her mother waiting for her. Kylie said that she had been waiting for Penny. She made her favorite dinner. Penny hugged her mother and cried. She said, “Mom, I know about dad. Uncle Jeff told me everything. I am so sorry for the other day. I am what I am because of you. You are my father and my mother both. You are the most selfless mother in the world. You are my hero. I want you to be with Uncle Jeff. He loves you a lot.” [ Read: A Letter from A Newly Married Daughter to Her #Mother and Father]

Moral: Your parents deserve happiness too. We always tend to think that how a change in their life will affect us and our life. But we fail to see how happy it can make our parents or friends. Try to see beyond the obvious. When your parents grow older, it is time to take care of them and make them happy, like they did when you were a child.

What is the best childhood memory that you have of your mother? Kindly share your experiences with us!