The Painful Part of Every Relationship

The Painful Part of Every Relationship

The Painful Part of Every Relationship

Why is it hard to accept that there are certain people who will leave you hanging for nonsense and unexplainable reason? Why is it so hard to let them go with no hatred and bitterness deep inside? Why can’t I help not to feel hurt whenever I imagine that person is no longer in my arms but with someone else’s? Why can’t I accept the truth that he is no longer with me that he chose someone else over me? Why is it easy for that person to forget all the memories we had been for just someone who just knew him for a while?   And why can’t I believe that we end up like this? So many questions left unanswered-questions which will probably remain unanswered forever, but only one thing I keep asking myself, why do I still love this person despite of these heartaches and pains he keep on bringing me? [ Read: 15 Quotes about Pain and Love ]

You know what hurts me most? It is when I’m still holding on to our dreams and promises which we planned together. It is when he made me feel relieved when he said “We’ll fix this” that we’ll get through this just like the other problems we’ve had.  So imagine my surprise when I found out that he decided to break us even more. It was like I’ve been crashed into small pieces and wasn’t able to put all the pieces together right away. It is when you know in yourself that this relationship will getting nowhere but there’s still a part of your heart that keeps on holding on.   It is when I am dreaming alone for us and for our future. It is when I am still holding on to something that there is no assurance of him to pick me up. It is when I’m still hoping see myself with him years from now. It is when I remember how big our dreams are, how many kids we want, how we kept our promises, how strong, happy and healthy relationship was, and how our perfect relationship end up like this that He just took all of these for granted, he gave up all of our dreams and goals and wasted all of those memories for just someone who does not worth these all. Now tell me, is there any worse feeling than feeling all of these? [ Read: Excruciatingly Painful Love ]

How come eight years of pure happiness, happy memories, ups and downs, crying and laughter, fight and forgiveness ended up in just a glimpse of second with no hesitation of betrayal. Feels like my whole world was torn and fall apart and the universe tend to lie on my shoulders, dying in pain of hurt and struggle while he is now happy enjoying himself with someone else. I just can’t imagine how unfair life is, it was just like yesterday we were so damn good, perfect and sweet, we were the happiest couple, we were so strong and brave to conquer everyone and everything, and today we are back in being strangers, no communication, no connection, emotionless, weak and very different from each other. Isn’t it sad that the person you’ve been dreaming for is now the person you dream not to exist? [ Read: How To Fall Out Of Love When You See No Future ]

It kills me every day knowing he is now happy with someone else but I am right here, alone and empty. It pains me every time I think of him, of us and of myself thinking where did I go wrong that I didn’t win him. I almost lost my battle in which I never gave up, he is the one who gave up. How can you fight over someone who is now fighting for someone else? Are you willing to surrender your wonderful eight years of love and set him free or will you still hold on, get up and fight once more. You know, it doesn’t matter on how long or how many times you’ve been stupid for love. What matters is, if you are happy and you have the faith that stupidity will be worth it then go for it. Never mind those people who will count on how many times you’ve been fooled, what’s important is you know you have the courage and you are strong enough to keep on fighting because if one day comes, you will not  blame yourself because you didn’t fight for what you feel. [ Read: 6 Ways to Stop Glorifying Busy and Start Living Instead! ]

But if you think that you’ve had enough reasons to let go of that person, you shed almost a liters of tears for a long time, you gave the chances which sometimes he does not worth it all, when you did all your best and your all just to make your relationship work but still it didn’t work, these are more than enough to let go of that person. Sometimes, setting someone free is opening the door for someone better. Always think the positive sides of everything that leaves on your way, it is somehow directing you to a brighter road of life. You can’t stay to that hurtful place anymore. You deserve better to the arms of someone who will be contented on everything you could give, without needing you to change yourself because if someone truly loves you, you don’t need to change a thing because that person will satisfied and contented on real and genuine you. It hurts, so much, but you can be healed as soon as you want if you convince yourself to be. Never regret for what happened especially if that past memories made you a happy person. Learn a lot from that experience. Take that as your inspiration to become a better and wiser person. Thank that person for fooling you, because he taught you to be a resilient and stronger person despite being lied to continuously. Thank him for the wonderful memories, which you will now start making on your own from now on.

By: Kharla Velasco