The Only 7 Tests of True Love for Him and Her

The Only 7 Tests of True Love for Him and Her

Love, ahh! The wonderful love. All things wonderful with a cherry on top – that’s love. Doesn’t love fill you with a feeling so warm and mushy that it almost melts you? The feeling of love is one of the strongest of all the feelings. It can make you do the most triumphant of things, yet make you say yes to the craziest and stupidest acts. That’s love for you – a force so strong that even mountains can be moved, yet a feeling so gentle that it softer than a dove’s feather. Gazillions of poems and odes and literature dedicated to this one feeling, yet it keeps surprising us with its various facets! [ Consider reading: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her

How, one would ask, can I be sure that the love I feel for a person is true, and vice versa? When love is such a complicated and confusing feeling? Well, let us simplify it for you. Listed below are a few tests, seven to be precise, and if you and your love passes all of these then know that this love of yours is for keeps. If not, then, well, happy hunting!

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Knowledge test

What forms the basis of true companionship? It is that two people should be tuned in, be on the same wavelength and share a deep understanding. Without this as a base, it is difficult for a relationship to sustain. Ask yourself is the other person trying to know about you? If he doesn’t even know you for the kind of personality you are, how will he/ she respect you and value you for the person you are? Knowledge test, therefore is the first and foremost of all the tests. If you are heaving a sigh of relief after passing this test, let’s move on to the second one. [ Also read: If You Can’t Stop Doing These 10 Things, You’re Not Ready To Get Married


  1. Sacrifice test

What’s love without a little sacrifice? A wise person once said, you cannot love a person until you kill a little bit of yourself. Well, with that idea, love surely comes with some sacrifices in the package. Will your partner make sacrifices for you? Will he go the extra mile, make the extra effort to keep you happy? If the person is very rigid and not very compliant when it comes to making sacrifices, then what’s the point in staying in such a relation. If he/ she is ensuring that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the relationship afloat, then congrats to you. Let’s see what the next test is.

  1. Forgiveness test

People make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. You are bound to make mistakes in your relationship as well. It’s completely fine. However, if your significant other is the type who would simply keep a grudge and use it against you the next time you get in an argument, well then you better walk out of the relationship this very moment! A good relationship sustains only when both the partners forgive each other and overlook the mistakes. After all, there is a lot to a person that just the mistakes!

  1. Respect test

What makes you love your girl/ man? Is that he/ she is breathtakingly beautiful? Well, beauty is perceptive. Do you like certain qualities about them? What really matters is the respect that you have for a person. In order to love a person truly, it is very important for you to actually respect the person for who they are. Because, love is felt, respect is earned. So if you and your partner share mutual respect for each other, then you two are on the right track.

  1. Revelation test

Does your man always act sneaky – hiding his phone from you, walking away when answering calls, deleted chat history etc.? Do you think your girl keeps secrets from you – she hides her credit cards, spends hours on the phone and when asked, shrugs off saying it was one of her girlfriends? Well, mister and miss, seems like your relationship is doomed. Sorry for being so honestly blunt! But yes, a relationship should not keep any secrets. You both should be able to read each other like your favorite books.

  1. Patience test

Don’t crib when your girl gets late for a date – she was getting ready for you. Don’t complain when your guy comes home late – he is putting in extra hours to buy a gift for you. Patience, that’s the key to a successful relationship. If this key ingredient is absent from your relationship, then your relationship is as good as thrown out of the window. If you and your partner practice ample of patience, more power to your guys!

  1. Companionship test

Is your guy always present for you? Can your girlfriend sit through a cricket match, just because you are a fan of the sport? Does your husband share house chores with you? Does your wife attend the concert of your favorite singer, even though loud music gives her a headache? If your answer is yes, congratulations! If your answer is no, I suggest you find someone more suitable. The whole point of having a partner is to have a companion so that you can do all the things as a couple! [ Read here: 12 Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend When You Don’t Have Money ]

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls here it is – the true test of love. What do you think? Need we add some more tests? Let us know in the comments below.