Why The Nice Guy isn’t Really Such a Nice Guy

Why The Nice Guy isn’t Really Such a Nice Guy

Is your nice guy really such a nice guy? While a lot of girls fall for the bad guys, there are some who prefer the nicer ones. They look for guys who are sensitive, warm and kind. They want the guys to look after them and treat them with love and respect. They steer clear of bad boys and look for nice guys. However, dating a nice guy could sometimes turnout be a far from desirable experience. You might think that dating a nice guy would be a delightful experience but things could turn out to be quite different from what you have envisioned. There are several factors that could make this experience a bitter one.

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Why The Nice Guy isn’t Really Such a Nice Guy

Not honest

Each of us needs a reality check from time to time. Sometimes, we need people to show us the mirror and help us correct our mistakes. A nice guy would never point out your mistake even when he knows you are doing something wrong. He will always speak highly of you and praise you even when something you have done is not up to the mark.  Dating him would not allow you to grow as a person as your partner would never tell you where you are going wrong. Even if you implore him to share his honest feedback on something, he might refrain from speaking the truth if he feels that it will hurt you.  It is not that he is not honest. If he really appreciates something, he will let you know but if something does not go down with him, he will not speak about it. He will end up lying to you if you ask him to share his thoughts.  When you are in a relationship and are dating someone, it is important that you learn something from it and grow as an individual. You should not date someone who does not add to your growth.

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Not firm

You must act tough in a tough world. Every human being should be strong enough to face the world and the challenges that it poses competently. If you come across as a weak person, people will push you and run over you. This does not mean you have to be a cruel person. You should be a good person, but at the same time, you must have a strong side to yourself which would enable you to deal with the world.  You must bring that side to the fore in times of adversities. If he is too nice a person, then he must have had to go through difficult situations on a regular basis. Ask him and you will know. You might want to share their problems but what if they are too weak to deal with even the smallest of issues? There is only so much you can do. They should have the strength to deal with their issues properly. People who cannot hold their ground and stand firm on their beliefs will always have tons of problems to deal with. People do not listen to such people and end up taking advantage of them. Even as he knows that he is being manipulated, he fails to do anything about it simply because he is too nice. He will never criticize you for anything and would not find flaws in anything that you do. Although criticism hurts, all of us can do with a bit of constructive criticism in our lives.  But what if the person you spend most of your time with does not offer you any?

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There is no spark

Playing too safe in life can be very boring. Sometimes, you should try doing things that are considered to be risky and move outside your comfort zone. You want to date a nice guy but you surely do not want a guy who has no excitement left to explore life, do you? He need to be adventurous, or someone who likes to live life on the edge, he should be sporty and there should be some sort of zeal in him. You need your partner to have a certain spark to keep the relationship growing from strength to strength. Somebody who is too restricted in the way he leads his life and is a control freak will force you to become one. If you consider yourself to be a free spirited soul, you can never accept this. Being a little adventurous and taking a few risks does not make you any less nice. What it does is that it helps you grow as a person. Such people will also be very dull when it comes to handling the relationship. They will never give you any surprises, would never take you out for holidays. They might love you, yet will find it difficult to express their love to you. Your relationship would lose its charm eventually.

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After you get into a relationship, you get affected by the kind of personality and viewpoint your partner has. So, it is important that you choose a partner who is compatible with you and will scale greater heights in life while letting you be yourself.