The Guy I am Dating Is Younger Than Me – What To Do?


The Guy I am Dating Is Younger Than Me – What To Do?

Question Asked:
The guy I am dating is younger than me, I have been dating this guy for almost three months now and I just found out that I am older than him, but I still love him. What should I do now?

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The Guy I am Dating Is Younger Than Me - What To Do-likelovequotes

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Fans Suggestion:
1) Love has no boundaries , keep loving him if the both of you connect , respect each other , communicate well, don’t turn away continue on your journey to love . Age is just a number .

2) Age doesn’t matter…. you can find someone who is elder than you,but you won’t feel anything for him or maybe you will find that he is not mature enough or doesn’t love you truly. So always go where your heart takes you and be with the one you love.

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3) I mean seriously after three months he told you that he’s younger than you !!!! What kind of communication are you both having ?? And age doesn’t matter if he’s okay with it, then continue, then there’s your family his family yeah it’s a lot of tense but be a good child and do no harm !! Anyways relax and let’s see what happens.

4)  Me and my man are 7 years apart he’s very mature for his age I’m 30 he’s 23 it used to be an issue for me. I love him more than anything, we just had a son and still growing strong.

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5) Why should age be a factor? If you love each other and you are happy then so be it. That’s what all of us want. God bless you for finding yours. Best wishes.

6)  Age is just a number. When two people love each other that’s what matters. As long as he’s legally an adult then take your time go with the flow. It’s gonna be challenging at times especially when it comes to his family because often they may not accept the relationship. Just pray together and have faith and let God guide u along i know he’s guiding me because I’m in the same situation as yours and I love him.

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