The Bully – How Nina, Adam and Jeremy Became Best Friends

The Bully – How Nina, Adam and Jeremy became Best Friends

Adam was in high school. He often topped his class. He loved studying and was always seen reading or writing. He couldn’t make friends easily. He was nicknamed “bookworm” by his class mate, Jeremy.

The Bully - How Nina, Adam and Jeremy Became Best friends
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Jeremy was a popular guy in college. He was handsome and well-built as well. He loved sports but hated studies. He was a bully and often picked on Adam, along with his group of friends. They teased him but when it was the time for an assignment submission, they often sought his help. Adam being naive would often lend his notes to them. But the next day, they would start mocking him again. They used him for their benefit and got away with it easily. Adam used to feel sad about his image at class and often sulked about it. Also, he was shy and hesitant to approach anyone about the problems he faced.  [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

 Jeremy and his group often came to the class only to flaunt their new phones, branded watches and throw their weights around. They spent most of the time at the cafeteria or at the college clubhouse, having fun and planning parties. Jeremy had a girlfriend, Nina whom he loved a lot. Nina was in the same class. She was a kind hearted and often asked Jeremy to stop fooling around and playing pranks.

One day, Adam was invited to the club house for a game of table tennis by Jeremy as a way to thank him for the help he lends with the assignments. Adam was confused at first. But later saw this as an opportunity to start a friendship with Jeremy and to forget the past. Little did he know, there was a big surprise waiting for him.  [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

As Adam opened the door of the club house, with a bag in his hand, a bucket of water fell on his head, and he stepped on to marbles and slipped on the floor. Before he could realize what happened, he heard a group of boys pointing and laughing at him. It was none other than Jeremy and his groupies. Adam was embarrassed and ran out from the place. As he was rushing out of the clubhouse, Nina was walking towards it. She guessed that it was Jeremy at the fault again. Nina questioned Jeremy as to why was he torturing Adam so much who in fact helped him. But he casually asked her to chill and said that it was only for fun. Whereas, she didn’t like it and felt sympathetic towards Adam.  [ Read: Difference Between Love And Friendship ]

Adam had a severe impact of the incident on him. He couldn’t get the noises of laughter and hooting out of his mind. He didn’t have the courage to go back in front of those people. He stopped going to class and remained in his room at home. Soon, it was just few days left for prom night and everyone was excited about it. Jeremy had huge plans too and wanted to buy Nina a lovely dress and ask her out to be his date.

Nina noticed that Adam was skipping college since that incident. She went to Adam’s home and apologized for Jeremy’s fault. She consoled Adam and offered to be his date for the prom night. Adam couldn’t believe her. But Nina insisted and also offered to drive him to college the next day. This helped Adam, and he started going back to the college. Some days later, he totally forgot about his insult and started enjoying his studies.  [ Read: 10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship ]

Jeremy got to know that Nina was going as Adam’s date and it broke his heart. He got angry at Adam, and decided to thrash him. So, just a day before the prom night, he and his gang waited for Adam to leave for home after college, so that they could thrash him. To his surprise, Jeremy saw Nina was with Adam and he couldn’t hold his anger longer and attacked Adam. Nina shouted at Jeremy and pleaded him to let Adam go off. She told Jeremy that it was she, who offered to be Adam’s date because she was fed up of Jeremy’s arrogant and bullying behavior. She told him that Adam was a great guy and he deserved to be treated better by him. She also told him that Adam had refused to go on prom with Nina and convinced her to get back with him and surprise him for the prom.

Listening to Nina, Jeremy couldn’t meet his eyes with Adam’s. He felt like a fool for bullying a noble guy like him for his own fun. He apologized to Adam for all his mistakes. [ Read: My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story ]

He then, befriended Adam genuinely and was always there for him after that day. Soon Nina, Adam and Jeremy became best of friends and this gave rise to a long lasting friendship, which continued for the longest time even after Nina and Jeremy got married. The three of them often hung out and remembered how their friendship happened referring to it as the story of how ‘Nina tamed the bully!’

Moral – We come across several people. Everyone is different in nature. If you have something others don’t, you should help them with it (like Adam did) and not mock them for their weaknesses (like Jeremy did). Try understanding and accepting each other’s differences, for all you know, they could become your future best friends!