The Boss Is Always Right- Mr. Scorpio


The Boss Is Always Right- Mr. Scorpio

The Zodiac City is ruled by the boss, who is always right and he is none other than the truly amazingly SCORPIO. Scorpion’s have this bossy attitude from their childhood, in fact, I believe after they were born the first move was of something like flipping their eyebrows or smirking all the way. They are always a bit weird and skeptical, I don’t know why they are like this but they are like this only. You can’t do anything about them.

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The Boss Is Always Right- Mr. Scorpio

So, keeping in mind their weird habits, how on earth is it possible that someone like them can fall for someone or the other way round. How! Just how! Well, baby, this is earth and anything can happen here. Let’s dig deeper and find out in what ways exactly are they weird or skeptical or boss like. P.s. To all those Scorpio readers please pay your best attention. Thank you.

October 23- November 21

1/They are the GOD of PRIVACY

Yes! I mean it, I truly and whole heartedly mean it. Their privacy and keeping things inside their secret chambers is really annoying at times. Even Harry Potter would fail in decoding their CHAMBER OF SECRETS.We are not saying you to be an open book but, at least trust the one’s you love. If you’ve been dating a Scorpio for long you would definitely have this conversation-

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Girl- What is the matter, you look depressed! Is there anything bothering you??

Scorpio- No, I am like this only. Give me time.

I respect privacy a lot, but not like you people! You guys (The Scorpion Squad) are the founders of PRIVACY, you people kind of consider privacy or hiding things as your religion. And this is absolutely not done. Be flexible, we are not saying you to share your every minute detail, but at least say the things which are bothering you. We are not telepathy experts nor we are not blessed with some supernatural powers to read your mind,  we are petty humans, have some mercy on us you SCORPION ALMIGHTY.

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2/ The dark lovers

Good-Lord! Are you guys the siblings of Satan! The love they have for dark stories and all other supernatural antics. Why??Simply why such extramundane likings. I feel absolutely cool about reading ghost kinds of stuff or watching phantom series, but trying to talk to them or even going deep to search for their existence is a simply NO NO. Control your love for spooky beliefs, cause there is a saying “Ghosts and Spirits are unaccountable and unexplainable theories that should be left as they are. The more you try to introspect their life, the more you allow it enter your mind.”- Sarnali

3/Stop looking so damn sexy all the time

Be it that grocery store look or that simple morning look, Scorpions just know how to slay people with their damn hot looks. We drool when they talk, we kind of ogle when they look at someone with that smirk on their face. I mean turn the pages and look, all the Scorpio men like Simon Baker, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Ruffalo (My Man) etc. Just imagine that after shower wet look or that formal look, they are the brand ambassador of hotness.

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4/That winning attitude all the time

Somebody stop them! When you’re around a Scorpion, you know exactly how it feels. The boss of the squad is always the best in whatever they do. And more than that the best thing in them is their sporting spirit. Losing a game or anything never hampers their mind more than a week, as they know how to fight back. Mind full of determination and heart full of courage is the key to their master stroke success.

5/Intense Lover

Hurt their loved one’s and be sure to face your worst nightmare. Scorpions are really protective about the one’s they love and by love I mean deep love. It takes a lot of time for a Scorpio to fall in love, but once they do, be sure to get surprised by their deep affection and care.

The Boss Is Always Right- Mr. Scorpio

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So, for a Scorpio, everything is filled with passion, desire, and determination. Be it, love, be it their career or be it their own secret world, they kind of love this concept of in-depth attitude. And only the lucky one’s gets the chance to know them, both from outside and from deep inside (I mean deep inside). HAIL SCORPIONS.

Words to remember- Never allow a SCORPIO to tame your life. Cause once they start taming you, they will continue this forever. Be strict and show the needed anger or temper whenever needed.