The Bestie – Story about Friendships and Infatuations

The Bestie – Story about Friendships and Infatuations

Tania and Stella were the best of friends since childhood. They went to the same school, and studied in the same college university. They never felt the need of any other buddy. They both were enough for each other. Tania was more of an introvert and sensitive. Stella was more outgoing and extrovert, since she was extremely beautiful. Their personalities complimented each other and encouraged their bond. Tania was very caring and protective of Stella since she was a bit childish. Stella often referred to Tania as her ‘ bestie ’. They were popular in the whole college as the besties. [ Read: Top 25: Inspirational Quotes on Friendship]

The Bestie - Story about Friendships and Infatuations

Tania liked a guy called James who was in their class as well. He was a charming guy, was good in sports, studies and was quite popular too. Tania confessed to Stella about her crush on James. Stella told her that she should go and propose him, as he would be lucky to have her. Tania was too shy to approach him though. It was almost two months that she had developed a liking for him. [ Read: Best Friends Listen To What You Don’t Say


One day, while Tania was browsing her laptop at home, Stella rushed into her room and asked her to leave everything and listen to her. Stella told Tania that as she was waiting after class that day for her dance practice, James approached her and proposed her. James told Stella that he had liked her since he saw her and wanted to ask her out since long.

Tania was confused and taken aback at the same time. She obviously felt sad and upset that her crush liked her best friend instead of her. Stella looked nervous. Tania asked Stella what she said to James in response to his proposal. Stella hesitatingly said that she accepted it, because he seemed too much into her. Tania hid her emotions convincingly in her smile and said that she took the right decision. Stella asked her if she was upset with her but Tania denied and hugged her. [ Read: Love Can Never Be Beautiful Without Friendship ]

As Stella and James started dating, Tania became more and more aloof from Stella. She occasionally met both of them for lunch or after school and then usually excused herself. Things were getting awkward for Tania, she had lost the guy she liked and was seemingly losing her best friend too. She often got sad, but never showed it to Stella. Stella was extremely happy with her relationship with James and they became the new lovebirds in the college. Stella forgot that she could be possibly hurting Tania. She was completely absorbed by her relationship with James.

It was almost three months now since Stella and James got together. One Friday, they both were having lunch with Tania. Stella had to leave early because she was going to see her grandmother this weekend and had to pack for it. Tania was leaving with her but Stella coaxed Tania to stick around with James for a while. Stella then bid both of them goodbye and left for her weekend. [ Read: Friends That Turned Into Family ]

This was the first time Tania was alone with James. It was awkward for her. It was the same guy she really liked but he was also her best friend’s boyfriend. She was usually quiet and mostly listened to James. James soon started flirting with Tania and said that she was so different than Stella. Stella could be quite a kid sometimes. He said that Tania was more mature and more of his type. He said that if he could take her out the next day and spend some time with her.

Tania was dying to go out with James but she knew that he was now her best friend’s boyfriend. She resisted and said no firmly. She headed home after that. For the weekend, she didn’t get out of her home due to what happened on Friday. James called her plenty times, but Tania ignored all his calls. [ Read: 15 Lost Friendship Quotes and Sayings ]

On Monday, Stella was back. She directly came to Tania’s house. She had bought a jar of cookies for Tania which her grandmother prepared. Tania hugged Stella and told her everything what happened on Friday. She told her that James isn’t worth her love and time. Tania said that he isn’t trustworthy and doesn’t appreciate Stella for what she is. She should stop seeing him. Stella couldn’t believe her ears. She felt like a fool. She remembered how she blatantly agreed to go out with her bestie’s crush without thinking of her feelings and here her bestie didn’t even respond back to the guy she liked so much, just because of her friendship.

 Stella apologized to Tania and felt incredibly sorry for her behavior. Stella broke up with James. Tania helped Stella overcome her break up and supported her completely. Stella told Tania that she was indeed blessed to have a ‘ bestie ’ like her. [ Read: 15 Heart Touching Quotes on Real Friendship ]

Moral: Friendship is more meaningful and important than infatuations or crushes. You may get a better guy or girl to date, but replacing a best friend is an impossible task.

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