That’s what a MAN wants…

That’s what a MAN wants…

Respectable, honorable men with morals, values, and dignity just want a woman who they can get lost in their beautiful, captivating eyes, their lovely radiant smile. They want a woman who will give them the butterflies when he sees her at the end of the day when he gets home from work. Wants a woman who will stay loyal, faithful to him and never betray, as he does the same for her. He seeks the beauty deep within and falls in love with her soul. Shes the closest thing to heaven! That’s what a MAN wants.

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That's what a MAN wants

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Then you got the worthless pieces of trash who disrespect and degrade women as sex objects, wanna use them, abuse them, cheat on them! That’s how MOST are in today’s filthy society! – Prakhar Sahay