That Perfect Shot With That Special Girl

That Perfect Shot With That Special Girl

And there she was, sitting all quietly, may be deep down she was crying a little bit but not that much to let a tear roll out her eyes. However, there was nothing I could have done. I was myself occupied with the fact that this was the first Raksha Bandhan I was all alone, with none of my sisters to tie a knot around my wrist. I could not see that smile on their face while tying the knot and I could not tease them while they continuously interrogated me to know the truth about their gifts. [ Read: People Often Believe that They are in Love but They are Actually ]

That Perfect Shot With That Special Girl
Written by: Kumar Ashutosh (member of

I was sitting in a mall while I was cherishing some old memories. That day the count of brothers and sister in the food zone was more than those romantic couples who can be spotted any other day of the year. I was taking a look at them having fun and all, when again I had my eyes on that sad girl sitting 4 tables away from me. And just then a thought came in my mind. I thought may be she was sad because like me, she also didn’t have any one around her for this Raksha Bandhan, but her face was little more sad than it should have been normally so may be she didn’t have a brother at all.

This was the first time and for the love of God, I don’t know why and what was I thinking, I stood up, went their and asked her:

ME: Hey, you look sad, is there any problem? [ Read: Something About Love ]

I was pretty much ready to listen to words like mind your own business and related words. But she was really sad and may be she wanted to share what she was feeling.

Her: Nothing, it’s just this day, seeing all those happy sisters tying the knots etc. I wish I had a brother. Every year this day, it’s the same for me.

Me: Yeah, well, I can understand that.
I said this because I could understand her feelings. I knew that when I was sad just because my sister was not around, how would she be feeling when she didn’t have a brother at all.

Her: (while seeing at my empty wrist with no rakhi, she got the that I was pretty much alone as well) so , you don’t have a sister. [ Read: There Comes a Time in Every Person’s Life ]

Me: No, No, I have a sister, she is just not around and this is the first time ever they are not with me.

Her: well, then you could not understand what I feel.

And in that sentence was the real pain that she felt that day.

Me: Okay, listen, I am going to make you a deal which will be good for both of us. And I do not make these kind of offers and to be frank I never made such an offer, but yeah, I am gonna make it to you.

Her: What deal?

Me: You tie a knot around my wrist. This way, my record to be with at least one sister on Raksha Bandhan would be continued and you will get an idiot brother for a lifetime.

Her: Wait, are you serious? [ Read: He Promised Me to Never Leave Me – True Story of My Own Life ]

Me: Yeah, I am.

Her: I never expect a boy to come and say that I want to be your brother.

Me: yeah, I also never expected that I would go and say something like this to a girl, and yes, I also accept the fact that we boys do hold a bad impression but anyways ignore that. so whats your answer?

Her: I guess so.

Me: Okay, then tie the knot.

Her: Are you sure?

Me: yup. [ Read: asda ]

Her: Okay (and she took a rakhi out of her purse.)

Me: Wait a minute, you said you don’t have a brother then why you have a rakhi in your purse.

Her: You see, I don’t have a brother but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have hope. I wished some one to walk and come to me as my brother and not to hit on me. I never knew that this can happen and to be true, I was hundred percent sure this was never gonna happen, I mean even thinking that a boy would come to be your brother is strange, but sometimes when you really want something, and even though you know this thing can never happen, you still have faith somewhere inside your heart that may be this will happen. And the way you came, I still can’t believe that you are here and willing to be my brother but if you are even a little bit true from the deep down of your heart then yeah, see my wish and my hope was not all wrong and that’s why I have a rakhi.

Me: you know what, you just made me more sure that I didn’t gave the offer to a wrong person.

While all this was going on, there was a college friend of mine who was seeing all this. I didn’t have any idea of that. He was kind of a guy who loves giving hot topics for gossips in my class. Anyways, he comes in the story later on. I will get back to it. [ Read: I Decided to Open a Little Portion of My Heart ]

And then she took out the rakhi and tied the knot on my hand and we shared a coke bottle. Yeah, this was kind of strange that instead of rakhi and sweet, it was rakhi and coke but the feelings matter and even the tagline of coke is spreading happiness so it kind of worked. :p

and ironically that day we had everything like burger and etc but sweets was not a part.

It was pretty much late and then she gave me her number and when she was about to leave, just then she said.

Her: Bhai, Movie tomorrow? It’s my return gift and I know it’s no where close to the gift which you have me as by being a brother but yeah it still counts, I think.

Me: (smiling) Yeah, it does. Just tell me when and where and I will be there.

And then she told me to confirm tomorrow and she left. [ Read: The Bully – How Nina, Adam and Jeremy Became Best friends ]

And I just then when I bid her goodbye, that friend of mine who had his eyes on me for so long came to me looking to find out some new gossip. And when I was about to punch him in the face and most probably break his nose for saying that I was hitting on her and she tied me a knot, he showed me a picture he snapped while she was tying the knot on my wrist saying, he will show it to everyone.

Even though this deed of his was no where on the list of moral etiquette, and was definitely wrong on moral grounds, I could not yell at him for doing so, because even though he could not see what was in that picture, but I could.

Even though that classmate was not that great of photographer, he coincidentally ended up pressing the shutter button at that perfect time making his lens capture the most beautiful pic full of emotion and all. And even though when that fact happened in reality, neither I and I could bet neither my new sister would have thought that time. You know sometimes when we feel something, it’s just natural and we do not know when we are feeling that but when we see it later may be in a picture or a video or just remember that as a beautiful memory, we realize the happiness we had. And you know, that was the moment of true and pure feel and every time you remember that a smile would eventually lighten up your face. [ Read: Read Reasons – Dine Together, Shine Together ]

In that picture, both of us were looking at my wrist while she was tying the rakhi on my hand. Both of us had a smile on our face. The smile was natural and none of us pretended and to be frank, I didn’t even knew that I had a smile on my face that time. Also he was having a smartphone with a 13mp snapper and it did capture a great shot, so yeah it was a win win situation.

And that was the moment of Just true feelings. I took that pic via blue tooth and deleted the pic from his phone and said, if you could not see what is in this pic, you do not deserve to have this pic and that girl you mentioned, she is my sister and even if you have to tell this story to the class, you can but make sure you take her name with respect.

I walked out of that mall with a smile on my face after seeing that picture and also remembering one of the strangest and awesome (at least I think so) thing I did till date. And I was thinking this think could never be more special. But there was something else waiting for me at my room where my roommates (those forever hungry idiots including me) were ready with yet another plan. Each one of my roommates were into this dilemma, which I mentioned a while ago. None of them had their sisters around this time. Only Nishant had a sister here and even though he did have to go there to get a knot tied, he made sure that before he leaves every one of us has a knot tied around our wrist. One thing about that guy I love is the value he have for friendship and the way he makes sure his friends are never left apart in any way (that guy would literally do anything he has to do for friendship). I did say I do not want to get a rakhi around my wrist, but he bought one for me and said he would tie it. And not only me, he tied to each and every one in our group becoming our common friend cum sister. We all tied him back and then since we all moved past that, the main point of attention was the sweets. Yeah, finally by the end of the day I had the rakhi and sweet combo. One thing is for sure, if you have friends like Nishant and Mundrika and others as I have in my group, well be sure, you wont be sad for a long time because once they know it, they will make you laugh till tears.

Friendship is the greatest of all relationship because every other relative may not be your friend but your friend can be there as any other relative. [ Read: The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell ]

Even though the day started with a little sadness, the day turn out to be the awesome rakhi I ever had.