Ten Things Never EVER to do after a Breakup

Ten Things Never EVER to do after a Breakup

So you have broken-up with the person you thought was the ‘One’ for you. Chances are you are reading this while you are still in your PJs, cradling a huge tub of ice cream – gulping it down spoonful after spoonful, a couple of tissue boxes by your side and every time your phone beeps, you suffer a mini heart attack. You, my friend, are a perfect study of love gone wrong, and the wreckage heartbreak leave in its wake. You, my friend, are not alone, there are million, billions even around the world going through various level of post breakup syndrome. You, my friend, should find solace in the fact that you now have your life all for yourself and you are fee to explore! [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart ]

Ten Things Never EVER to do after a Breakup..

While the developments post a breakup are usually the same old, same old. Calling up your BFFs, crying your heart out, the struggle between your heart and mind whether to call up your ex or not, going through all the pictures and gifts, wondering if you should delete all the pictures of you guys together – then thinking that you look way too cute to waste such a picture – there are a few mistakes you should keep away from making, for your sanity and others’.

Here is what you should NOT do post a breakup.

  1. Say you are FINE.

Heart breaks are bitter, and they leave a bitter taste in your overall personality. The good news is, you get over it. All you need to understand is that there is no need to rush into being okay. It’s cool if you feel like staying in bed all day, important is that you have the will to still get out and get going. Air out your feelings and you will actually feel fine. [ Read:  6 Strong Signs It’s Time to Let Go ]

  1. Plan on being friends. 

You both gave up on each other due to a reason, or reasons. Then let it be as is. Why do you need to be friends with your ex. Isn’t it enough that you both had a good run, and parted ways when it started getting rough. Let it end. Then and there.

  1. Plan revenge.

When I say don’t try to be friends, I definitely did not say the opposite. Not being friends does not make you an enemy. Don’t lose sleep and energy on planning revenge against your ex. Just let it go. It is wise to forget, and forgive. Show that you have a big heart. [ Read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. Stalk your ex.

‘Why is she having a gala time at the beach party? We just broke up.’ ‘Why is he in Thailand with his friends? We just broke up?’ Stalking does no good, all it can end up is in humiliation, and a police arrest of its gets out of hand! Kidding, I know you are sensible enough not to indulge in such time-wasters, and focus on you own life instead.

  1. Try to patch up.

A night of crying and boozing has brought the good sense back to you, and you feel that it was a huge mistake to give up so soon. Pick up the phone and call your ex, and beg them to take you back. Right? Wrong! Trying to patch-up, or even making that proposal will dent your ego so bad that it will be a long time before you even begin to acknowledge this rash decision. [ Read: Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship! ]

  1. Breakup mood swings.

Know what does more harm than gobbling down that tub of ice-cream? Breakup mood swings. Show me one girl who says, ‘Umm…so we are breaking up. Let’s sleep together!’ It may sound cute, but only in movies. In real life, it is way too wrong on so many levels.

  1. Making rash decisions

If you thought only breakup dating was a bad decision, then you are in for a surprise. There are a number of people, sad people, regretting the rash decision of getting a vengeful tattoo post a breakup. Even bad haircuts fall in this category! While you heart mends itself, hair takes a LONG time to grow back. Tattoos, that is a different story altogether. [ Read: 15 Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Give up and feel like a loser

Why me! Do all your sentences and thoughts start with these two words? We feel you, no, really. But how can a wrong decision and a failed relationship negate all the awesomeness that you possess? Relationship does not define you. Your grace does. Buck up and chuck feeling like a loser.

  1. Rebound love

You are broken and hurt. You are vulnerable. Why make it worse by going about trying to look for love when you can’t think straight? Give your heart some time to heal before you jump on the dating bandwagon. [ Read: 15 Easy Conversation Starters with a Guy You Like ]

  1. Mope over social media

People log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever to forget their worries and soak in the warm awesomeness available online. Don’t ruin it for them by washing your laundry out in the public. No sad status updates, heart-break thoughts, moping image uploads – none of that please. Deal with the trauma with your friends and talk to them personally…not through your profile updates.

Heartbreaks are difficult, but they are not the end of the world. People, over ages, have survived breakups and so will you. All you need is time, loads of ice cream, chocolates and tissue boxes. And when you are all sorted, you will smile back at your sloppy self and have a good laugh. Cheers!