Reasons Why TEARS Fall when a Person is Happy?

Reasons Why TEARS Fall when a Person is Happy?

“ TEARS ” Do you know why I fall when the happiest people are very happy??? Do you know why I’m always with those people who are in pain, who are suffering and who are very sad and unhappy???

Reasons Why TEARS Fall when Person is Happy?
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Let me tell you, it is because I don’t like people around me being very happy by getting everything they want and desire for because, then eventually they forget me and the value of my existence. Therefore, when people become enormously happy, then I do fall from their eyes so that they can never forget me and my importance. [ Read: Why Are You Still Dating The Wrong Person?]

Well, being said that, I not only fall from the happy people’ eyes but also from the wistful people’s eyes as well, who experience the pain & suffers a lot. It is because I don’t like people in pain or become sad, so I always try to give them some relief and make them happy.

Yes I want to be with them and support them because there is no one who stands by them. So I always have to be with them but my presentation always makes them cry. But I know that one day they will get fed up of all these pains and tears and will start to be happy even  in the pain, they will cry but they will live their life with the satisfaction and will say, “YES, THEIR IS SOMEONE WITH US” AND THAT SOMEONE IS ME…… [ Read: 10 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through]

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