Memories Are Like Tattoos, Inked To Our Heart Forever


Memories Are Like Tattoos, Inked To Our Heart Forever

Life has the solution to everything. Even for the most wanted tattoos. Life has its unusual way of gifting people with some really permanent memories which are hard to erase. And the worst part is, unlike the normal permanent tattoos, the one which gets’s inked to our heart can neither be re-created or erased. Then we can only question our fate as to why those memories don’t leave us! And in this questionnaire round of why and how people lose the normalcy in their life. We try to hold on and create an atmosphere of normalcy but those memories, they don’t allow.

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Memories Are Like Tattoos, Inked To Our Heart Forever

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Strange right….

Life is indeed a parody, a sarcastic surprise. The memories which were once planned for a lifetime journey, which once brought a big smile to our face has now become the reason behind the tears. Strange right, how can that one person change our life completely from beautiful to a deserted space. Solace is the thing people look for that after a breakup but, where is it? Lost somewhere in the deep meadows of darkness. Looking for a light to evade that darkness but the storm is so brutal that, there is no hope.

Any Solution….

Absolutely NOT. People say that time and patience heals heartbreak. But here is the truth. Heartbreak never get’s healed, it just increases and one day it becomes a preserved pain inside our heart. Yes, there are situations where people get over this but, a mark still remains. And it is that mark which I am talking about. Time heals the pain but the emotion which was there and the memories are never healed. They are always etched in the form of a music, a song, a word, a place or a situation. The chord strikes again with a less pain and a suppressed tears of, “What if we were together at this point.”

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Love Will Find The Way…

I have always said this and I will continue saying this. Love will find the way to your heart again. Love is a feeling, it cannot be denied. But yes, sometimes no matter how strong the love is, some people choose to stay single forever rather than falling again. This is their choice. They choose to be with themselves, family, and above all, to be independent. There is no perfect description to describe this choice. This includes loads of other anti-questions like, “So those who opt for settling down, marrying are not independent?”. So it is always better to leave it on the choice of others.

Memories Are Like Tattoos, Inked To Our Heart Forever

Family, love, relationships are very delicate. Especially the emotions attached to it are like glass. Once broken can never be retrieved again. Trying to pick it up and walk gives pain and nothing else. In this world full of hypocrites, getting that one person who will love you truly with all their imperfections are rare. Playing with emotions, breaking a heart is easy. But keeping the promise and staying by your partner is difficult. Memories are like art, creating every moment with love and affections. This is the reason it becomes so difficult to forget those.