The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness


The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness

Yes! You guessed it right, it’s the month of LEGENDS, it’s the month of LEO. Leo’s are born with these rare qualities of being intellectual but not boring, talkative but not giddy-headed, sensitive but not naive, introvert but not coyish. They are an explosive package of awesomeness with a dash of strong monkey traits. Having used the phrase “MONKEY” it reminded me of someone very special, someone whom I have known for the past 6 years and whose birthday means a special day to me. So, advanced Happy Birthday dear, I wish you all the luck and keep soaring high.

The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness

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So, people, what an August born Leo is like exactly?? How are they in business, in love and in education, how are they character wise?? Know everything from us in this article. Your #HopelesslyRomanticAuthor is here at your service to serve you with the menu card of BEING An LEO; and to all those August born mates, you too can relate the points mentioned in the article with your own self. Have fun and keep roaring.

Basic characteristics- (July 23- August 22)

  • Optimistic
  • Protective like a lioness
  • Hopeful
  • Born Leader
  • Tough outside, Soft inside like a cub
  • Pioneering
  • Philanthropic
  • True-Blue
  • Inspiring

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Negative aspects that can cause emotional damage

  • Toffee-Nosed (At Times)
  • Pretentious
  • High-Handed or Bossy ( In terms of power)
  • Drama Queen (Especially in some special cases)
  • Tenacious and Uncompromising
  • Egocentric (And they are proud of it)

Career graph

Leo has a strong and high pitched career graph. Being the leader of the zodiac city, Leo’s are born with some inbuilt traits of dominating the leader board in whichever field they aspire to take up. Their optimistic attitude towards life and the ability to mix very easily, helps them to reach the height of epitome. They kind of radiate confidence and gratitude wherever they go, be it in studies or business, Leo’s are sure to reach the stars. They love to be praised for their work and this is the reason they always give their best.

The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness

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Fearless Soul

Having said this, I don’t mean they fear criticisms, but they take up those negative words as a teaching to improve their own self. They are not the one to sit alone in a corner and are always up on their heels to lead the pack. A great team leader, thinker, preacher and all those other adjectives to describe an eminent leader. They are really focussed and sorted out, i.e. they know what they want from life. In other words, Leo’s are not the one to hold grudges, they know the magic of letting things go like the FROZEN queen Elsa. They love to be their own competition and never settles down for any rat race.

Some famous August born mates are

  • Neil Armstrong,
  • Barack Obama,
  • J.K Rowling,
  • Jennifer Lawrence,
  • Demi Lovato,
  • and the trending journalist cum author cum trendsetter Miss Rongana Nath, so keep an eye on her career track.

The list can go on and on. But we have to move to our next point and that is THE LOVE SCOPE.

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The Love scope

L for LEO and L for LOVE, both starts with the same alphabet. CLICHE ALERT! You’re dating a #LEO, really courageous as they are not at all an easy one to gel with. But once you can break the ice, the glass is all yours. Basically, they are not the one to go for those lovey-dovey relationship meters as they prefer singlehood much more than that. But, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to settle down or have a family, but they love to explore and search for the best. And once they have got the man they aim to be with, be surprised with their wild romantic antics. Be sure to be spell bounded each time they decide to show their love. Be it sex or be it a simple long walk, their style is unique as the Rainbow Panorama in Denmark. Full of life, colors and positivity.

The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness

But, but, and but, don’t you think that the things I have mentioned are sounding so easy and like a piece of cake?? Well, for your kind information, please consider the below-mentioned facts too before putting that step ahead.

  • They love FUN and respect good humor.
  • Compliments make them feel good
  • Never try to tame them or rule them, they love independence
  • Kill them with a great sense of knowledge mixed with humor (Again, see humor)
  • Never make them cry or else get ready to lose them completely
  • Talk sense, talk logic, debate on interesting topics
  • Smell good, look good and carry an attitude

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A Leo prefers long term relationship and can go to any extent to keep the relationship last longer and keep it happy. They love to keep their private life and professional life separate, they never mix them together. So with this, I end my article and yes, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY LEO MATES cum READERS from all around the world.

The Sun Never Sets On A Leo- The Lioness

Keep loving #likeLoveQuotes and keep liking our blogs. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have fun and keep ROARING.