Subtle Signs You’ve Been Downgraded From His Girl Friend To Stranger


Subtle Signs You’ve Been Downgraded From His Girl Friend To Stranger

Are you looking for some signs to know you have become a stranger to your partner? Is he just faking his emotions? Do you want to know your relationship status with him? Sometimes we miss certain signs which can really help us know the difference in the relationship. Boys are in a habit of hinting their girls as to when they have become mere stranger to them. All you need to do is to know when their attachments change towards you. brings to you some signs that will hint you that he had degraded you to a stranger from being his sweetheart. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

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Subtle Signs You've Been Downgraded From His Girl Friend To Stranger-likelovequotes

He Degraded You From Girlfriend To A Stranger

Often we feel that with passing time our relationship with our partner is not the same. The relationship is changing day by day. The charm of being in love with each other is fading day by day. Here are some signs which highlight that you are mere stranger and nothing else.

Ignores you :
Gone are those days when he used to make time for you. He used to be the one who was always ready to avoid anything and anyone just to be with you. But now he is the one who has time for anything and everything but is ignoring you.

He Does Not Listens You:
There were times when he used to listen to every word of yours. He was the one who used to ask your opinion in important matters. But with changing times one thing you would have noticed  that he listens to everyone around you but not you.

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Friends and Family:
Friends and family suddenly become more important than you. He will start spending more time with you than you. All he is trying to suggest that you have become secondary in his life. It is a sign that you are no more the person who he once loved with all his heart.

Thus, when you feel neglected by someone, you should never disturb them what so ever. Let them make a exist from your life. Let yourself be free from a relationship where you have no worth.