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Are you interested in contributing to and sharing your tips, ideas with our readers?

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Are you interested in contributing to and sharing your tips, ideas with our readers?

If you have an experience or maybe a word of advice to talk about with our own readers, feel free to get in with us.

But prior to send us a write-ups, please read this info provided below which means you know just what kind of articles we are looking for and ways to share the ideal feature around!

The easiest way to get your article published in our website is by sending us an original article that you have written specifically for, article should be plagiarism free.
  • LikeLoveQuotes and its readers: With over 10 million fans and about 12 million plus page views monthly, is among the top leaders in the category of relationship. We help millions to be positive and help in mentoring relationsips.
  • What should be the language for article submission? Article should be in English with proper grammar.
  • How long should the article be? A typical article in website is about 700 to 2000 words. You are welcome to write longer articles *or shorter ones as long as they are comprehensive and detailed.
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  • Will you get paid for the article we publish? There will be no monetary compensation for the article you provide to however millions all over the globe will read your articles which will be published under your name.
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