Note To All The Single Buddies- How Can You Make Your Holidays Stimulating


Note To All The Single Buddies- How Can You Make Your Holidays Stimulating

Holidays can be both stimulating and bothersome. Stimulating in the sense, you are single and you can spend it in your own sweet way! And bothersome cause, you have to tolerate and see how lovingly your friends are roaming the streets as a couple. And you, the lonely sheep of the group can just be a selfie stick for them. At times, being single, especially during the festive season can be depressing. I mean, being a human, you can feel that why you are not getting that someone special in your life?? What is your fault exactly and where is it??

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Note To All The Single Buddies- How Can You Make Your Holidays Stimulating

The cold winter winds and snow will constantly remind you that if you had that someone special in your life too, you could have easily worn their hoodies and hugged them tightly. And instead of that, you have to feel the cold bloody wind all alone, sitting with a cup of coffee. Yes, best friends do help us to deal with our MONDAY BLUES, but, nobody can take the place of that someone special. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend fills up that empty space. That space which only that special person can understand. So, in today’s article, we have come with some easy to adopt life hacks, especially for all our single buddies. Cheer up and smile a bit.

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Simply avoid those romantic songs and movies

The more you listen to them the more they remind you off your singlehood. So stay away from them, like really away. They will only complicate your sadness more. I mean, the movies will only show how winters can be really saddening and depressing without a partner. And how having a partner will change your season of celebration and all those romantic vibes. So, during such cases, hiding those romantic movies from your laptop is the only key to your survival.

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Call for a bestie/girls week out

Just hang out! Wear anything you feel like, anything, simply any dress you feel makes you look smoking hot. Wear your liner and heels, walk like you are the showstopper along with your girlfriends. Spend the entire week absolutely the way you want it to be. Hit on guys, tease them with your deadly looks and drink the whole night. Make sure you keep your limits and privacy in the right place. Go to a place where you always wanted to visit, a new place where nobody knows you! And, the saying that- “What happens in XYZ stays in XYZ” follow this. It is your moment to enjoy and be yourself, let your hair loose and dance it out.

The best time to come closer to your family

Spend quality time with your family and come closer to them. Get pampered by your mother or father. Fight a lot with your siblings, plan a nice big dinner and lunch. Spend the season of celebrations with your own little sweet family. Meet that agony aunt who gives a pain in your eyes whenever she opens her mouth, give her a happy reply. Plan a sudden trip to a nearby place, play pillow fights with your brother/sister. Go hang out with them, eat ice-creams, have street foods and by the end of the season return home with a sore throat. Live your childhood days all over again!

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Note To All The Single Buddies- How Can You Make Your Holidays Stimulating

Being single is both stimulating and depressing at the same time. You know, no matter how hard we deny and give our cool attitude of “BE SINGLE BE HAPPY”, at the end of the day, we also need someone in our life who will pamper and tolerate all our habits. We need that person who will wait for us and surprise us unexpectedly when life will throw it’s tantrum on us. Falling in love is beautiful, there will be fights, there will be misunderstandings and this is how love is. Filled with emotions just like us.