Celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Singles Way!

Still Single? Celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Singles Way!

Are you single and wondering how to Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you feeling gloomy and upset over your single life? Are you waiting for somebody to gift you something special and make your day? The truth is, Valentine day is universally celebrated and there is absolutely no escaping the red balloons, heart shaped gifts, chocolates and couples who are crazily in love walking hand in hand. It could make people who are single feel dreadful about themselves. Even your friends can be very cruel and shout a “What?!” when you tell them, that you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. But is it really that bad? [ Read: 12 Lines Singles Are Tired Of Listening! ]

Still Single? Celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Singles Way!, Celebrate Valentine’s Day
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Can’t we singles be happy and Celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way?

Let’s see a few things that Singles can do on Valentine’s Day and actually enjoy themselves instead of feeling lonely.

  1. Think of what you’d be missing out on, if you got into a relationship

Surely, being in a relationship seems really fancy and exciting during Valentine’s Day. But do you know how much effort it takes to sustain a relationship? You have to compromise on your habits, your space and your work. You become answerable to another human being, who would be waiting on you and expecting to be in touch with you all the time. Being single does not seem that bad, on any normal day except Valentine’s day. But staying committed everyday, is not just fun and games, it requires serious commitment and love for your partner. [ Read: 9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World ]

  1. Give yourself a treat

Give yourself a treat. Order that your favorite kind of pizza. You can also cook yourself a lavish meal. Take yourself out for a buffet dinner or the best cuisine in town. Pamper yourself and make yourself feel great about being single and without any major complications of a relationship. Go to your favorite spa or watch your favorite film. Invite a few single friends and plan a night over at your place. You could also have a video game night (if you are a guy), or a pajama party (if you are a girl).

  1. Make your own self your Valentine

Consider yourself as your own Valentine and buy yourself gifts. It could be that perfume bottle you love or a wallet you’ve wanted for a long time. Gift yourself things or buy yourself a greeting card. Decorate your room with scented candles and enjoy a great movie with your favorite meal. Valentine’s Day is all about making others feel special and wanted. If you love yourself, you owe yourself a good time, instead of feeling lonely and sitting around the furniture. [ Read: Ways to get through Valentine Day after a break up ]

  1. Hunt for a singles party

There are many clubs and restaurants that have special parties, banquets and get together for Singles during Valentine’s Day. Hunt for such social events, where you won’t have to face mushy couples clinging on to each other. Instead, try to find a hangout place where you might get a chance to meet like-minded people and somebody you can actually hit it off with. Who knows, you might actually bump into somebody on Valentine’s Day itself and maybe you’ll celebrate the next Valentine’s Day together as a couple!

  1. Think of the time and money you are saving

Just imagine how much time and money you save, just because you are single. Some people Celebrate Valentine’s Day just for the heck of it, with their partner. They feel like getting gifts or going out for a meal is just too much of a headache. At least you aren’t a part of that group of people. You do what you enjoy and are not forced to do something you don’t like. You are free to live your life on your own terms. You don’t need to wait in long queues to buy suitable gifts or wear red clothes and strut around the streets. [ Read:  5 Reasons why being single is not so bad ]

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? What are your special plans to make your Valentine’s Day awesome without a partner?

How are you going to celebrate valentine’s day? Share your plans and ideas with us in the comments section.