Does He Still Love You? Ask 7 Questions to Find Out


Does He Still Love You? Ask 7 Questions to Find Out

Does He Still Love You? A simple question but quite difficult to answer. Some girls get sensitive, when their partner does not give them the required attention. This can be due to stress at work or some other problem. Some also start thinking “he does not love me anymore…” and go in depression. However, it can be your assumption also. Keep reading to find different questions that will answer, if he still loves you or whether he found someone else.

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1. Is he avoiding you for a reason?

Does He Still Love You

If he is avoiding you, is there a reason behind it? If he not making up for the plans then it can be he is busy at work, or in some other plan. Find it out before coming to any conclusion. It can also be that he is no more interested in you or that he is really busy and cannot make it to plan with you.

2. Has he stopped doing the little things he used to

One of the major signs that tell you that he is no more interested in you is when your man stops doing the little things he use to do earlier. A small gesture of holding hands, kissing on forehead, sleeping and waking up together and more show the love and passion in a relation. If something of this or anything else is missing, then talk to him, as to why he has randomly stopped doing it.

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3. Does he talk to you when he had a bad day

Partners talk to each other or hug each other during bad times. If something of this sort is not happening and that he is too stressed at work or is actually going through a bad phase, then you might need to sit and talk about it.

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4. Does he remember those little yet important things

As talked about earlier, little gestures matter in a relationship, and so does routine. If you used to wake up together or exercise together, and that he has stopped it all of a sudden, then you need to find out the reason behind it.

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5. Does he stroke you and still love you the same way

Couples show passion through kissing or stroking. The initial step to it being stroking. If you are in a mood and he does not stroke your hair, or does not respond through his touch or eyes, then it is time you need to talk about your relation.

6. Do you guys cuddle up

Another way to show love to your partner is by cuddling up, which most of the couples prefer doing. If you used to cuddle up sometimes, and it is not happening lately, then you need to think about your man and ask him whether everything is fine.

7. Do you guys enjoy sex and still love the same way

Last and not the least, if you used to have sex regularly and that there is a huge gap currently, then it is time you need to think over this and talk to your guy.

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If you observe any of the above signs, then your relationship is on a rocky edge. Find out if it is so, or that there is some other reason behind it.