12 Steps to a Better Life and Find Your Happiness

12 Steps to a Better Life and Find Your Happiness

Happiness – the one eternal search that has everyone going about. Old and young, rich and poor, from a little child to a retired adult, everyone wants to be happy in life. Yet, very few people can actually claim to be really happy. Why, one would ask, is this, when all want to be is happy!

Steps to a Better Life and Find Your Happiness

The reasons can be many. At times, we get so entangled in the daily wear and tear of the routine life that we forget the being happy! However, you cannot be not happy for long! After a duration, one starts missing being happy, being content with life. Whether it is as simple as smiling, or having a good time – being happy is essential to enjoy life at its best. Are you one of those who has been on an eternal search for happiness and yet it eludes you? Here are a few tips to change your life and find your happiness.

  1. Be content with life

Accepting life and it’s terms just the way it is is essential. If you are always asking for more, chances are you will be disappointed more. The key to a good life is to enjoy it – with its happiness and sadness, smiles and tears, upheavals and downfalls, at all. With acceptance comes peace, and with peace comes happiness.  [ Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important 


  1. Spend time with family

Few people spell happiness as well as family. The family is our support system, they are the people we can count on. No matter what the situation or problem, you can always count on your family to stand by you and support you.

  1. Find good friends

Friends are our extended family. The ones that we hand-pick for ourselves. Friends bring out qualities in us that stay hidden. Spending time with friends, just like family is an enriching experience. Always take time out to spend with friends. Doesn’t matter when, where and for how long you meet your friends, one thing is guaranteed that you will have a gala time. [ Read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships ]

  1. Spend some quiet time

As important as it is to spend time with family and friends, it is equally important to have some alone time. Solitude gives us an opportunity to reflect, think and wonder about life and what happiness is. Happiness means different to different people. Find out what it means to you and set out to achieve it. Do something every day that takes you closer to your happiness.

  1. Travel

The world has a lot to offer. A lot. There are natural wonders that will leave you breathless and man-made splendours that will leave you in awe. Travelling also does wonders to your soul. Learning different cultures, seeing various lifestyles, experiencing new traditions will show you that we are all small little links of this huge ecosystem! [ Read: 7 tips to avoid Holiday Dating Disasters ]

  1. Have a pet

Pets are wonderful beings who are capable of showering unconditional love. No matter what. Psychologists say that having a pet has positive effects on the well being of a person, as much as even resulting in a longer and happier life. Pets are psychological companions, who will always lend a patient ear to you.

  1. Choose to be kind

Kindness is rewarding, whether you give it or receive it. However, giving is a lot more rewarding! Be kind, smile to people who look glum, offer a cool drink of water to someone on a hot summer day, give a word of encouragement to a student going for an exam. Make a choice to be kind. [ Read: 12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship ]

  1. Smile, to yourself and others

Smiling releases Neuron-toxins in the brain. These are hormones that make us feel happy. Smiling not only makes you feel happy, but also makes you look happy. Why look glum when you can look happy! Smile when you see yourself in the mirror, smile to that little baby you see on the bus. Just smile.

  1. Reflect on life lessons

The world is full of life lessons, all you need to do is reflect and find them. Whether it is being kind, nice, gentle or simply happy, you will find enough inspiration in the world around you. Learn your lessons and remember. [ Read: 12 Insightful Lessons To Help You Have a Better #Life ]

  1. Have a hobby

Being creative is very important. It helps you express your emotions and channelize your energies in a constructive way. Find one activity that attracts you and make it your hobby.

  1. Think about happiness

We become what we think, right? When why not think of happiness! Constantly thinking of happiness makes you a positive person. And a positive person is a lot likely to be happier. Thinking of happiness is a lot better than delving on the sad things. [ Read: Best Quotes And Sayings To Remain Happy In #Life ]

  1. Indulge in luxury at times

Luxury makes us feel good and rich. Whether it is good food or an expensive pair of stilettos, indulging in yourself at times is a good thing. It will help you immensely in being happy.

So here, learn these important tips and have a better and happier life!