Step by Step Guide to Get Your Ex To Love You Again

Step by Step Guide to Get Your Ex To Love You Again

These days, breakups are as common as getting into relationships. People react first and think later. You might breakup with your partner for some reason but soon, you realize that you cannot live without them. You realize how important they were to you and miss them. You try to figure out ways to get them back in your life. [ Read: Falling Out of Love and Why It Happens to You ]

Step by Step Guide to Get Your Ex To Love You Again

Here is a step by step guide to get your ex to love you again:

  1. Trace them

You must have lost touch with your ex after breaking up with them. You must look for them and get in touch with them again. There is bound to be some awkwardness but you must muster the courage to talk to them again. You must be cordial and let them know that you are trying to start thins on a fresh note. [ Read: How to Apologize and Say Sorry to a Lover


  1. Call them

A lot of people find it difficult to come face to face with their ex. You need not have to meet them personally to talk to them. You could give them a call or write an e-mail. Think carefully about what you want to say before calling them. Compose your words carefully and then talk to them. Talk to them in a warm and polite manner. If both of you feel comfortable set up a meeting.

  1. Apologize

If you really want you ex to come back to you, then you must learn to say sorry. If it was your mistake and you have realized this, you must go and put across an apology to them. You must let them know that you are terribly sorry for what you did. Even if your partner was at fault, you must tell them that you are sorry for not salvaging the situation. [ Read: 9 Practical Ways to Rebuild Trust after You’ve Cheated ]

  1. Talk to their friends

Talking to friends and seeking their help in getting you connected to your ex is a good idea. Also, you could ask their friends about your ex’s life after the breakup. You could ask them whether your ex still loves you and would it be a good idea to talk to them again. Your ex’s friends might be reluctant in helping you at first but if you are sincere in your request, they will listen to you.

  1. You have changed

You have reflected upon your past behavior and have made a lot of effort to change yourself. Let your e know that you have turned over a new leaf and you will not repeat the mistakes, which you had committed in the past, again. You must give them ample proof to believe that you have indeed gone through a change. [ Read: 10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument ]

  1. Impress them again

You must have put in a lot effort to impress them and get them in your life the first time. Now, put in the same amount of effort or more to win them back. Buy them gifts, give them surprises and talk about romantic things that would make them fall in love with you again. You must behave like you are doing these things for them for the first time and make them feel special. Do not go overdo anything and did things that will show the love you have for them.

  1. Memories

Both of you must have shared some great memories in the past. Remind them about those memories. Show them pictures or take them to places where you had earlier gone on dates. Memories rekindle emotions and make people realize the importance of certain things. Those memories will make your ex realize that the bond that you two had shared in the past is bigger and more important than anything else. [ Read: 15 Memorable Life Lessons to Make Your Life Perfect! ]

  1. Show your love

Your relationship has gone through a troubled phase in the past. You must not lose any opportunity to express your love to your partner. Make them realize that your love for them has only grown over time and you should be together again. You have to make them believe that you genuinely love them.

  1. Reason

Your ex might ask you for a reason to get back in a relationship with you. You must remind them that though you both broke up, you were a solid couple before that. You had shared a great relationship and you both had loved each other endlessly. There was one breakup but there were several good moments before that. If you could back together you could relive those moments again and avoid the things that led to the breakup. [ Read: 8 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love ]

  1. Commitment

This time you should make an honest promise to your partner to do everything to make the relationship work and stay together forever. Your ex is bound to be doubtful about your promises as you both have drifted apart in the past. You must convince them that you will honor your promises and stay committed to them all your life.

A breakup is always a bitter experience. Thus, convincing your ex to get together can prove to be a difficult task. It will take a lot of effort on your part to make your ex fall in love with you again. You must remember that your relationship has not worked once and this is your only chance to make things right. You must be sincere in your attempts and make your ex believe that your love has not withered away with time.